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Training Wheels

July 9th, 2007

copertina di Skratchy Seal's Training Wheels

Recensione di "Skratchy Seal's Training Wheels"

New from Dirtstyle! The long awaited release from Skratchy Seal who's
been in the lab concocting another formula to rock the b-girls, b-boys
and b-animals! His greatest tools for the complete turntable freak! Get
2 copies, mark the labels both on the first beat and you'll see how all
the tracks match up, even when you lift the needle onto another track!
Designed to continually increase your juggling skills with different
types of beat configurations from toy to king! Plus all the breaks are
compatible with the "Breaktionary" lps! Just play "Breaktionary" on +8
and mix "Training wheels" on -8!

Q: what record has skipless samples for skratching and juggling?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels"
Q: what's the most user friendly skratch/break record out there?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels"
Q: what records are the most fun to play with?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels"
Q: how can i achieve grandmaster status faster then those guys?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels"
Q: which records would be the best if i were on a deserted island?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels"
Q: when i go grocery shopping, i'll need bananas, potatoes, and what else…?
A: "skratchy seal's training wheels" 

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