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soul clap

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Showbiz & A.G. – Soul Clap
1992, Mercury Records


Just clap your hands to the beatbox (4x)

Verse one (A.G.)
The giant is greater,
So step back i know you were told black,
About the soul clap and i’ma keep climbin g with beats that’s fat,
Cause that’s Showbiz and Diamond D
Don’t believe all the heresay
Cause i’ma get the airplay while the fans say yeah ’Dre!
And I’m on the lyrical tip
For you to whip the giant,
That’ll be a miracle whip
So everybody crowd around
And let’s all get down, to the soul clap sound
So pump your fist, here we go
Showbiz & A.G. so act like you know
A combination of the new and the old rap
Me Showbiz and Diamond D yeah we got the soul clap

Just clap your hands to the beatbox (4x)

Aiyyo, can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!i said can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon! c’mon!

Verse two (A.G.)
I love hip-hop, not rock and roll
Yeah I’m a giant, and I got lots of soul
I’ve been a giant since I was a kid
They always thought I was big from the damage that I did
I roll up rappers like a dt
And don’t worry yo, because the brothers can’t see me
Light-skinned curly hair I keep dwellin
I don’t care about my hair, my records are sellin
A.G., my right hand man is Kay-Gee
Kenny Dope you know, Marley Marl is my little bro
Infinite he’s in effect
Big Ty is snappin necks, better yet he’s packin tecs
Yeah they sleep, they can’t quite tell
They know that I’m short, but do they know that
I fight well those who diss me, that’s ok
Because my jam is gonna slam and I don’t care what you say
A giant in the mental, yeah you know that
And I’m hangin with this new one and it’s called the soul clap

Just clap your hands to the beatbox (4x)
Aiy-aiyyo, can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!i said, can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon! c’mon!

Verse three (A.G.)
I do work, at any God damn concert
And if you said that I didn’t, then I got jerked
You musta asked the wrong people
Cause when I make my stand every man knows that I’m lethal
Never back down, my crew’s in the background
I get hyped when Showbiz lays the tracks down
When I’m finished, you’ll say he’s the mack
Cause I’m raw and my God damn beats are fat
Yeah I’m a giant, that’s what you better say
You don’t believe me then go check my resume
I done killed more suckers than a world war
And even more, after a world tour
From state to state, sea to sea
On every continent,
I’m a g-i-a-n-t
I’m A.G. yeah the one you can’t hold back
You want your party to pump?
Then throw on the soul clap
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!i said can I get a soul clap?
C’mon!can I get a soul clap?
C’mon! c’mon!

Dr. Octagonecologyst

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L’lp di Kool Keith Dr. Octagonecologyst è sicuramente uno dei più importanti album rap degli ultimi 20 anni. Prodotto magistralmente da Dan Nakamura a.k.a. The Automator l’album ospita vari personaggi eminenti della scena hip hop: Sir Menelik, KutMasta Kurt, DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow.

Il personaggio di Dr. Octagon viene descritto come un chirurgo ginecologo omicida alieno viaggiatore del tempo; ha occhi gialli, pelle verde, capelli rosa e bianchi con pettinatura afro.

La copertina originale dell’album è stata realizzata da Brian “Pushead” Schroeder.

album info

Dr. Octagon info —

lyrics —

La ristampa inglese Mowax contiene dei brani in più rispetto alla stampa originale americana.

Dr. Octagonecologyst (Mowax reissue) download link [63.15 mb] —!download|213l33|81727690|Dr._Octagon_-_Dr._Octagonecologyst_ASM.rar|63147|R~0|0|0

copertina della ristampa inglese Mowax

Whaz that buzz? A hardcore rap mix

November 1st, 2011 Comments off

click on the link (or on the image) to visit the mixcloud page and listen to the mix (mp3 file 320 kbps stereo)


Dr. Octagon,  Black Sheep, Paris, Jeru The Damaja, Method Man & Redman, Wu Tang Clan, Brand Nubian, Main Source, EPMD, Erick Sermon… and others.

Made with REAL vinyl records – NO serato, traktor, time code etcetera… (nothing personal folks!)

The Black’n’Decker podcast

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The Black’n’Decker podcast

stereo mp3 192 kbps
total running time 1 hr 10 min 44 sec

compiled and mixed by THX using strictly original vintage rap vinyl records from The Golden Era Of Rap (no recent reissues)

download link

featuring many rap superstars from the 80s and 90s… guess who?!

a dedication 2: Kate, Wave, Weis, Edua, Ken, Orlando, Adam, Alain, Sandy, Marty, Sere, Maya, Davide, Vortex, Eleonora, WJM, Zazie, Mat, Jimmy, Checca and all the babies

One Love

Can You Find The Level Of Difficulty In This?

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“Can You Find The Level Of Difficulty In This?”
produced: OMID
EP: Shockadoom



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Ultimo (nel senso cronologico, ma anche nel senso di finale, stando alle sue dichiarazioni) album di rap prodotto dal leggendario DJ Gruff.

DJ Gruff website —

some beats 4.2009

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