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sta sveglietta

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penguin beat edit 2

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R.I.P. Technics SL-1200 turntables

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I nove migliori campionatori della storia dell’hip hop

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The Top 9 Most Influential Digital Samplers In Hip-Hop History

December 10, 2007

Every time I saddle up to bang some beats out of my Akai MPC 2000XL the internal debate arises inside of me about how the greatest pieces of Hip-Hop production equipment would stack up when lined up alongside each other. Obviously, in terms of technical specifications, the latest technology with win out every time; however, what equipment made the most valuable contribution could be debated for years on end. What makes this topic so great is that everyone has a favorite producer, style, and time period that contributes to their view and infallible opinion about which sampler is truly king. So in the name of classic, never ending arguments about top MC’s, DJ’s, and best beefs, we present, in perfect order, the 9 greatest digital samplers in Hip-Hop history.

  1. EMU SP-1200/SP-12.  Considered the godfather of digital samplers and foundation of countless hits from late eighties and early to mid nineties, the SP-1200 was released in 1987 and featured an integrated disk drive and mere 10 seconds of sampling time. (Pete Rock, Clark Kent, Da Beatminerz, DJ Spinna)
  2. Akai MPC 2000/2000XL.   Arguably the most popular hardware sampler, the MPC 2000 was released in 1997. The 2000 XL model was later released in the year 2000 and added features such as zone sample editing, improved sequencing, and the ability to add an internal IDE zip or Compact Flash drive. (Kanye West, Pete Rock, Da Beatminerz, Kev Brown)
  3. Ensoniq ASR-10.   As an update to the EPS 16+, the ASR 10 featured extremely powerful DSP and a unique live recording feature making the keyboard a complete production workstation. (Alchemist, Kanye West, RZA, Minnesota)
  4. Akai S950.   Released in 1988 as an upgrade to the S900, features such as increased memory and the all important time stretch were introduced to a new generation of producers. (DJ Premier, Clark Kent)
  5. FL Studio.   With an unprecedented low price tag, this now infamous software DAW brought Hip-Hop production into the hands of anyone with a reliable computer and soundcard. In essence, FL Studio can be credited with bringing Hip-Hop production into the mainstream. (9th Wonder, Soulja Boy)
  6. Akai MPC 3000.   Released in 1994, the MPC 3000 improved upon the MPC 60 by adding 16 bit stereo sampling and dynamic digital filters along with increased sampling time. This was also the last of the Akai line that was designed by Roger Linn. (J Dilla, Havoc, DJ Shadow, DJ Spinna)
  7. Akai MPC 60/MPC 60 II.  As the first of Roger Linn’s partnership with Akai, the MPC 60 was released in 1988 and featured 12 bit sampling along with an 8 line LCD display. The introduction of the MPC 60 II in 1991 added a headphone jack and cheaper case design. (DJ Premier, D.R. Period) \
  8. Akai MPC 4000.   As the master of all MPC’s, the 4000 was released in 2002 and came standard with memory expandable to 512 megs, internal hard drive, and filter and effects processing. (Madlib, Just Blaze, Heatmakerz, Buckwild)
  9. Ensoniq EPS 16+ – Released in 1991 as an update to the EPS and added 16 bit sampling, DSP effects, and is known for having an early crunchy sound. (El P, True Master)

**Future Additions and Honorable Mentions:

  • Propellerheads Reason.   Arguably a more powerful program than FL Studio, Reason tends to have a substantially longer learning curve.
  • MV- 8800  Could be slated to be the MPC killer if the price tag was lower and software production tools weren’t so prominent.
  • MPC 1000  Could very well turn this into a top ten list very soon if the issues with faulty pads are corrected and development of the JJ OS continues.
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Fresh Jam – Rignano sull’Arno – 19 maggio 2012

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h: 12.00 – 24.00
FRESH JAM graffiti/dj&mc/breakdance/rock
250 m² wall
(dato l’alto numero di richieste chi vuole dipingere scriva a GIACOMO EQUIZI)
DJing & MC
Filippo Rossi
Dr. Drugo

HHAW 2012 – Hip Hop Appreciation Week THX podcast

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week – May 13-19, 2012

click on the link to listen the podcast now from my mixcloud page

HHAW 2012 mix
Hip Hop Appreciation Week podcast compiled and mixed by THX

Nas – Public Enemy – James Brown – Grandmaster Caz – Beastie Boys – Erick Sermon – Davy DMX – Boogie Down Production – Cannibal Ox – Sir Menelik – Cypress Hill – Jeru The Damaja – Robbie B and Jazzy Jay – Blowfly

stereo mp3 file 320 kbps

18.13 13/05/2012

click the image (or this link) to enlarge and read the Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace

click here for the text version

Boba Fettucini breaks

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Enjoy these amazing breaks and fx for skratch and production use (mp3 format only, sorry)

DJ Boba Fettucini Presents Hey Hey Hey Fat Albert Breaks

BLATTERS live @ Logic (FI) – gio 12.4.2012

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stasera al Logic club in via de’Macci 79r a Firenze in zona S. Ambrogio
ingresso (riservato soci con tessera ACSI) 5 € con consumazione
h: 23.00 / 2.00

I Blatters nascono nel 2007 con la formazione iniziale di 3 dj: Detox–Spass– Kame. Sin dai primi incontri iniziano a dar forma al proprio album con l’idea di riuscire a fondere lo scratch a diversi generi musicali, dando così differenti colori e atmosfere, con l’utilizzo del vinile come primo riferimento. Musicisti come Alex trebo (piano e synth), Guglielmo Pagnozzi (sax), Antonino Barresi (flauto traverso), Max Castlungher (tablas), hanno collaborato all’interno dell’album così come i cantanti Dj Gruff, Angela Baraldi, Amina Julien e Shiula. Due brani del disco si potranno ascoltare nelle colonne sonore che accompagneranno i viaggi della trasmissione “I POPOLI DEL MARE 2”, in onda sul canale satellitare Yacht&Sail.
Dal 2010 dopo la partecipazione al DMC mondiale di Londra, Kame si trasferisce per un periodo all’estero per arricchire e approfondire il suo background musicale. Ritrovandosi momentaneamente in 2 (Detox & Spass), percorrono un differente cammino musicale che li porterà a realizzare un live, diverso dai precedenti, con nuove sonorità DubStep/Electro.
Nel corso degl’anni si tovano a collaborare live con gruppi musicali e cantanti di vario genere, come Dj Gruff, Lou X, Svez (13B), Guglielmo Pagnozzi & Voodoo Sound Club, Freak Antony (Skiantos), Angela Balraldi, Roy Paci, Casino Royale,Camelz F.C.E., Taiotoshi, Tubus in Fabula, e a Dj come Dj Skizo, Konik Polny, Mandrayq, Zorlak, Dekon, T-Robb, Ferro, Numa Crew, Fakser, Creeterio, e molti altri…

2003 Dj Skizo “Scratch till you bleed”- titolo “cinque barra tre” prod. Dj Spass
2003 Gopher D “Wastasi show case”-titolo “sea of faces rmx” prod. Dj Spass
2007 Gopher D “Cocoa and dust”-titolo “Cocoa and dust” scratch Dj Spass
2007 Looper: La Montagna Larga(Detox-Spass)
2007 Loux & Detox – “Vecchia Maniera”
2008 The Misstape Vaitea track Misstaisulca scratch dj Kame e dj 2P
2008 Loux & Detox – “Traumagel”
2008 Broken Dreams Dj skizo, Kame scratch on “poser&supposer”; going to war” produced by Dj Skizo
2008 Dj Gruff & Detox – “Sardegna Nucleare” prod. Detox scratch Dj Gruff
2008 Gopher D (Wastasi Showcase Vol2) – titolo “Murriccu” prod. Detox; scratch Detox+Spass+Kame
2008 Francesco Pepe (Vendesi pianoforte a coda) – titolo “Piano e scratch duet” prod. & scratch Detox+Spass
2009 La strage d’erba Gangi Killah scratch dj Kame
2009 Ka-TeT – album di elettronica sperimentale nato e realizzato interamente a distanza (Bologna-Cagliari-Enschede) dai produttori: Detox-Zapan-Monom3.
¬ “Anxiousness” scratch Spass+Kame
¬ “Lagno” scratch Dj Spass
2009 Raza De Caza – titolo “Maria” prod & scratch Detox
2009 Viene e Va (lato A) – Progetto ideato da DjGruff con la produzione musicale dei Ka-TeT (Detox- Zapan -Monom3), gli scratch di DjSpass e dello stesso Gruff, percussioni di Roberto Chiga, voce Polda, intro Dj Enzo, e i migliori cantanti rap del panorama italiano: Svez, Menhir, Gruff, Esa, Ekspo, Paura, Danno, Domasan, Toni Joz, Speaker Cenzou, Vaitea.
2010 Barresi Project – Detox cura la produzione musicale e live dell’intero progetto
2010 The X- Tape mixtape Ganji Killah feat Er Costa, “X-fatto ” Dj Kame scratch & mix
2011 Dj Gruff (Phonogruff)
¬ “Condividere i valori” prod. Detox scratch Dj Gruff
¬ “Sulle trombe” prod. Dj Spass scratch Dj Gruff & Dj Spass
2011 Svez (Rap Veritas)
¬ “Rap veritas” prod. e scratch Detox,
¬ “The lords of the dogtown” prod. Detox,
¬ “Tutt Pumpatt” prod. Detox scratch Spass & Kame
2011 The Big minder mix tape by Dj Bless (2011) scratch Outro by dj Kame:”KameHouse”
2011 Videomind (Afterparty) – titolo “Dal Play” Blatters RMX (Alex Trebo keys) prod. Detox scratch Spass
2011Casino Royale – titolo “Io e la mia ombra” Numa Crew feat. Blatters RMX

FACE OFF CONTEST 2005 BEST DJ roma (1°posto) (Kame)
I.T.F SHOW CATEGORY ROMA 2006 (3°posto) (Kame)
VALVA SCRATCH 2007 Salento (2°posto) (Kame)
GAIN SKILL MILANO 2008 (4°posto) (Kame)
IDA SHOW CATEGORY 2009 (3° posto) (Detox, Spass, Kame)
DMC ITALY 2010 (1°posto)(Detox,Spass,Kame)

cieest [at]
spassone [at]
kamedj [at]

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