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3 new tracks on soundcloud

November 15th, 2011 Comments off

Godzilla beat (24bit 96khz)


Dusted pixels (mp3)


many thanks to SuperKate for supporting me for years

James Brown – the ‘Illogic’ of Innovation

March 3rd, 2011 Comments off

James Brown – the ‘Illogic’ of Innovation


While James Brown’s pioneering music continues to attract great critical acclaim, it is not widely acknowledged that his own musicians were less than effusive about his famed compositions. Brown’s musically ‘educated’ band members have often expressed the view that his prototype funk compositions were simplistic and unsophisticated and therefore not to be taken very seriously. This view is strikingly borne out in Fred Wesley’s recent book, Hit Me Fred: Confessions of a Sideman (2003), in which Brown’s former bandleader provides the most comprehensive insight to date into the trials and tribulations of working with the ‘Godfather of Soul’. Wesley was among the core of abundantly talented former jazz players – Alfred ‘Pee Wee’ Ellis, Maceo Parker, Waymond Reed were others – of Brown’s premiere late 1960s -early 1970s troupes. Prior to their recruitment into Brown’s band, these musicians were aspirant be-boppers. As ex-James Brown bandleader, ‘Pee Wee’ Ellis would later say, ‘he was some other stuff for me; I’d been studying Sonny Rollins’.

This ‘other stuff’ to which Ellis refers was ‘funk’, but it might also be a euphemism for Brown’s notoriously ‘idiosyncratic’ approach to composition in general – one that Wesley would subsequently lament:

Mr Brown would sometimes come to the gig early and have what we call a jam’, where we would have to join in with his fooling around on the organ. This was painful for anyone who had ever thought of playing jazz. James Brown’s organ playing was just good enough to fool the untrained ear, and so bad that it made real musicians sick on the stomach.


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Tayone @ nEXt Emerson – 17.9.2010

September 14th, 2010 1 comment

Venerdì 17 settembre
*Burning Decks*
*DJ Tayone* _ Turntable Wizard

CSA nEXt Emerson _  via di Bellagio 15. Firenze

Tayone  official website —

Antipop Consortium and Kurtis Blow live in Italia

September 11th, 2010 Comments off

Antipop Consortium live in Roma (tonight):

Kurtis Blow live in Pescara (tomorrow):

Festival Au Desert a Firenze

July 10th, 2010 Comments off

ultima serata del Festival Au Desert all’anfiteatro del parco delle Cascine a Firenze

SABATO 10 LUGLIOore 18:00
Tindé, voci dalla musica tradizionale Tuareg – Toufenette Walet Boubacar (Mali)

ore 19:00

Si eseguono riparazioni dell’anima, musica di tradizione siciliana – Matilde Politi, Gabriele Politi e
Lajos Zsivkov (Italia)

ore 20.00

Tiebou Yapp, performance – Marina Arienzale (Italia)

ore 21:30
VIEUX FARKA TOURÉ (Mali) – Vieux Farka Touré, Timothy Keiper, Aly Magassa, Mamadou Sidibe
GRUPPO DJELI-KAN (Italia, Burkina Faso) – Founé Dembélé, Yacouba Dembélé, Souleymane Dembélé, Kalifa Diarra, Sekou Dembélé, special guests: Mino Cavallo, Arlo Bigazzi
e la partecipazione straordinaria di Harouna Dembélé

ore 22:30 – in concert
GABIN DABIRÉ (Burkina Faso)

ingresso 15 €

Tel. 055 2638480 / 055 2480515
Cell. 380 3867404

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Fred Wesley & The New JB’s a Porretta

May 31st, 2010 Comments off

« We speak of love and happiness: for me, happiness is Fred Wesley playing his horn… »   
James Brown

Domenica 25 Luglio 2010

(ore 20)
– Memphis Soul Night Revue with The Memphis All Star Rhythm & Blues Band (feat. Chick Rodgers, Thelma Jones, Green Brothers, Clay Hammond, Lavelle White, McKinley Moore, Bruce James)
Fred Wesley and The New JB’s


VIDEOMIND al Viper theatre stasera 26.3.2010

March 26th, 2010 Comments off




Per la prima volta a Firenze potremo assistere al progetto Videomind, nato dalle menti di Paura, Clementino e Tayone.

opening: Dj Craim (pluripremiato campione italiano ITF); Nanne (Tullo Soldja); Ninja (La
Primiera); Dj Shinjin; Mirko Miro

Ingresso:€ 8

apertura ore 22.00

Eek-A-Mouse & Band live @ F.L.O.G. (FI) 12 marzo 2010

March 12th, 2010 Comments off

Stasera 12 marzo 2010 presso l’Auditorium F.L.O.G. a Firenze in via Michele Mercati, sulla collina del Poggetto, si terrà il concerto di Eek-A-Mouse

« Io sono il topo, capite? E un topo può cambiare stile in qualsiasi momento. » Eek-A-Mouse

Eeck-a-Mouse in concerto