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PICTURIN Torino mural art festival

September 26th, 2010 Comments off

For the fall season of 2010 “Torino 2010: Capitale Europea dei Giovani” brings the international mural art event PICTURIN FESTIVAL, a contribution to the requalification of designated urban areas thanks to the participation of many national and international artists, who will confront and take part in the local graffiti scene.
The festival will be a meeting point to give way to personal creativity, and at the same time a place for the public to relate to the art of muralism and appreciate its deepest meanings.
The city, from downtown to its outskirts, will be hit by a blaze of colors and images, spacing on a dozen blind building façades and urban spots covering more than 3500 sq.m of painted surfaces.
PICTURIN FESTIVAL will be a container for a series of initiatives on the urban art scene and underground culture: artistic happenings (exhibitions, conferences, music, etc) sprouting from the lively and active local cultural movements to create relaxing chill-out moments for artists and public to mix in. Torino has always represented a reference point for culture, art and creativity. It seems as if the entrepreneurial and industrial tradition which has always characterized the city in its deepest structure has found vital lifeblood in the continuous and constant commitment to experiment and share new experiences and projects. An openness repeatedly confirmed throughout novelty and confrontation.
The event is financed by the Ministry of Youth, and planned and coordinated by: Murarte (a Youth Policies Department project), the Contrada Torino Onlus Foundation, and the urban creativity associations (ACU’s) operating on the territory (“Artefatti”, “Il Cerchio e Le Gocce” and “Style Orange”) in partnership with the international urban creativity observatory “INWARD” (International Network on Writing Art Research and Development).


FRESH ON THE GRASS fest – ven 2 lug 2010 @ Bologna

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Fred Wesley & The New JB’s a Porretta

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« We speak of love and happiness: for me, happiness is Fred Wesley playing his horn… »   
James Brown

Domenica 25 Luglio 2010

(ore 20)
– Memphis Soul Night Revue with The Memphis All Star Rhythm & Blues Band (feat. Chick Rodgers, Thelma Jones, Green Brothers, Clay Hammond, Lavelle White, McKinley Moore, Bruce James)
Fred Wesley and The New JB’s