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Damu on the MPC2000

September 15th, 2011 1 comment

Damu on the MPC2000 in Washington Square Park, NYC – Overtime Bonus Beats 1


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Guru’s straight talk

December 4th, 2010 Comments off

Gang Starr

R.I.P. Keith Elam

Born July 17, 1962; Died Apr. 19, 2010


Artist: GangStarr
Album: Moment of Truth
Song: New York Strait Talk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

“From New York straight talk, America’s best” (3X)
“Yo I’m not new to this I’m true to this” -> Apocalipse
“Word up!”
“From New York straight talk… America’s best”

Yo, it doesn’t make sense, for you to compete against
this New York vibe that gets your whole body tense
Calm down, listen to a brother who knows
Cause the rappers out here come up with mad different types of flows
Switch-up, change-up, yo pull the range up
so we can build on this shit, for real that’s how we came up
Used to ride the subway trains back and forth
Now I push an E-Class, four-two-zero of course
Still material gains, make one more aware
of all the madness and the civil unrest that’s out here
I doubt there, is anyplace more complex
You can get lost in the sauce, New York’ll have you vexed
Who’s next to get served, herbs’ll get knocked off
Burning flammable rappers, is how I get my rocks off
I pop your top off as if you were the bottle
then I’ll drain all your fluid, you’re better off playing lotto
Bright lights, big city and the dark alleyways
New York we get the money all day everyday

“From New York straight talk, America’s best”
“Yo I’m not new to this I’m true to this” -> Apocalipse
“Word up!”
“From New York straight talk… America’s best”

True if you can make it out here, you can make it anywhere
That means a lot of rappers, they should stay away from here
cause we still care, about the total artform
Niggaz could sell more records but they still can’t flip a live forum
Plus everybody out here ain’t talkin true shit either
Mad niggaz is fakin jacks, I don’t like them neither
But the competition keeps me on point
that’s why I lamp in the studio composin fresh new joints
from the streets, Medina, Manhattan, Staten, P-Lawn
The struggle continues, everybody wants to be on
The rat race, makes this lifestyle fast paced
I’ve loved it since the days of fat shoelace
Screwface me all you want, but I’m used to it
I’ll never give up rep in New York, I’m true to it
From forty-deuce to Queens, back to East New Yi
We takin no shorts, and plus we showin no pity
Bright lights, big city and the dark alleyways
New York, we get the money all day everyday

“From New York… straight talk…”
“Yo.. I’m.. not.. new.. to.. this”
“America’s best” “Word up!”
“From New York straight talk, America’s best”
“Yo I’m not new to this I’m true to this” -> Apocalipse
“Word up!”
“From New York straight talk… America’s best”

You get bent up, sent up creek, without a paddle
You wanna battle? Well I live in New York
so think twice blink twice now your Roley and Lincoln’s gone
Don’t come into this rap game if you don’t belong
You won’t be on but for a minute anyway
You’re just a scavenger, you don’t live this life everyday
Rap is regional, so you can check the demographics
Everybody represent where they live, cause shit is drastic
confusion, while I’m givin rappers contusions
And people don’t realize that real hip-hop is losing
They wanna shut us down, and I say, “Shut up clown!”
Cause New York is too corrupt and too tough to lay down
and just quit, cause MC’s out here kick serious lyrics
And I come to you, with my infinite spirit
Not takin nothin from your hood or your set
But GangStarr could be a threat, in New York we rep
That’s where it comes from, that’s why you’re feelin it
So why supress it, I’d rather be revealin it
Bright lights, big city and dark alleyways
New York we get the money all day everyday

“From New York straight talk… America’s best”

RIP GURU BLENDS mixed by DFace DXA 2010 —

Ronnie Jordan meets DJ Krush feat. Guru “Season For Change (Dawn Of The Season Mix)”

[Verse 1: Guru]
Rotten scum has found its way to power
Time to protect projects, check the hour
I’m fed worse than just angry
Ready for action, baby
Not gettin’ lazy, not goin’ crazy
Cause I’ma make something happen
Not when just a member when I’m rappin’
For real, and it’s amazing to me
How suckas be hopelessly fakin’ to be
Somebody on-point and influential
Yet they got no talent and never had no potential
Cause they lack the bear essential
Strength of the mental, the soulful vocals
Crushing all you ugly oculs
People try to rate me like I’m the pulse
But then they find that I’m the most
Too complex when I’m vexed
And right about now I’ma wreck your game
Yeah, this is the season for a change

[Hook x2: Guru]
This is the season, this is the season
This is the season, for a change

[Verse 2: Guru]
And if this is offensive than take it personal
You start to squint from my lines and so I’m hurtin’ you
But I ain’t on no mission to be wishin’ you no bad luck
I put you down, so you know what’s up
You need to change your perspective
Peep the rhyme, that’s corrective, selective
To speak facts that’s my objective
I mess with a little bit of this flow and that if
And then the little bit start to sound fat, and
Believe me, the feeling yo it’s worth to wait
But I still can’t stand those, who try to front
Because they soft as butter rolls
A kid gets a gun, he feels he needs one
Either he shoots one or else he gets done
And what’s the purpose of this tragic outcome
It’s always easier to shift the blame
But ehm this is the season for a change

[Hook x3]

[Verse 3: Guru]
You cosmetic freak your style is weak and cornballed
And even worse when you speak
I put a lid on it and sit on it a bit
Don’t even do it to yourself
Just be glad you got your health
Cut the bull, stop the nonsense
You’re tryin’ to get props under false pretense
But I came just to wreck ya game
This is the season for a change

[Hook x4]

Antipop Consortium and Kurtis Blow live in Italia

September 11th, 2010 Comments off

Antipop Consortium live in Roma (tonight):

Kurtis Blow live in Pescara (tomorrow):

NYC graffiti

October 27th, 2009 Comments off

Graffiti a Manhattan (East Village, Avenue A) – Manhattan graffiti (East Village, Avenue A)

tutte le foto: Miccia (2009) – all pix: Miccia (2009)

Miccia NYC graff

Tatscru Inc. The Mural Kings (NYC)

(clicca sulle anteprime per ingrandire – click on the previews to see pix in real size)


Tatscru Inc. —

bonus stencil: