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Etta James RIP

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funk rock disco 45s

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James Brown – the ‘Illogic’ of Innovation

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James Brown – the ‘Illogic’ of Innovation


While James Brown’s pioneering music continues to attract great critical acclaim, it is not widely acknowledged that his own musicians were less than effusive about his famed compositions. Brown’s musically ‘educated’ band members have often expressed the view that his prototype funk compositions were simplistic and unsophisticated and therefore not to be taken very seriously. This view is strikingly borne out in Fred Wesley’s recent book, Hit Me Fred: Confessions of a Sideman (2003), in which Brown’s former bandleader provides the most comprehensive insight to date into the trials and tribulations of working with the ‘Godfather of Soul’. Wesley was among the core of abundantly talented former jazz players – Alfred ‘Pee Wee’ Ellis, Maceo Parker, Waymond Reed were others – of Brown’s premiere late 1960s -early 1970s troupes. Prior to their recruitment into Brown’s band, these musicians were aspirant be-boppers. As ex-James Brown bandleader, ‘Pee Wee’ Ellis would later say, ‘he was some other stuff for me; I’d been studying Sonny Rollins’.

This ‘other stuff’ to which Ellis refers was ‘funk’, but it might also be a euphemism for Brown’s notoriously ‘idiosyncratic’ approach to composition in general – one that Wesley would subsequently lament:

Mr Brown would sometimes come to the gig early and have what we call a jam’, where we would have to join in with his fooling around on the organ. This was painful for anyone who had ever thought of playing jazz. James Brown’s organ playing was just good enough to fool the untrained ear, and so bad that it made real musicians sick on the stomach.


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Behind the Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios book with J Dilla and Madlib

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Behind the Beat: Hip-Hop Home Studios book with J Dilla and Madlib

  • November 07, 2005

by Rafael Rashid
Ginko Press
160 Pages, 320 Color photos.
Publication: December 1, 2005

Behind the Beat is a look into the creative spaces of producers and DJ’s from the US and UK. Featured are the studios and equipment of some of: Madlib, J Dilla, DJ Design, DJ Premier, DJ Spinna, Skitz, Nextmen, Taskforce, DJ Swamp, E- Swift, Beyond There, Kut Masta Kurt, Fat Jack, Jehst, Beatminerz, DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator, Chief Xcel, Young Einstein, The Grouch, Numark, Cut Chemist, Thes One, J Zone and Mario Caldato Jr.

From the press release: “These photographs are about more than just the equipment. Decades on from hip hop’s birth, producers have an enormous presence, commanding underground and even pop followings. But more often than not, producers are just a name on a record, always in the background. These pictures capture the visual side of the beats they make. They are the images behind the beat.”

The book includes a CD of several artists included in the book including tracks by Stones Throw’s Lootpack and MF DOOM.

Author Rafael (Raph) Rashid runs a recording label called Crookneck in Melbourne, Australian, and is co-owner of clothing labels ‘Blank’ and ‘Princess Tina’.

MadlibBehind the BeatBehind the Beat

J Dilla: Behind The Beat (Poster)

dita polverose # 2: post-punk

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Seconda parte di “dita polverose“, un viaggio nella pratica del crate digging. Clicca qui per leggere la prima parte.

Gary Numan – Living ornaments ’80 – lp (1a stampa UK 81 Beggars Banquet)

Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Kill city – lp (1a stampa UK 77 Radar)

Martin Rev – Clouds of glory – lp (1a stampa Francia 85 New rose)

The Dictators – Bloodbrothers – lp (1a stampa USA 78 Asylum)

Public Image Ltd. – First issue – lp (1a stampa UK 78 Virgin)

William S. Burroughs – Break through in grey room – lp (1a stampa Belgio 86 Sub rosa)

Burroughs – Call me Burroughs – lp mono (1a stampa USA 65 Esp)

3rd Bass – Brooklyn-Queens – 12″ (1a stampa UK 89 Def jam)

Ornette Coleman – Chappaqua suite – 2 lp mono (1a stampa Francia 67 CBS)

Beastie Boys – Cooky puss – 12″ (1a stampa Francia 83 Ratcage)

Minutemen – Double nickels on the dime – 2 lp (1a stampa USA 84 SST)

Ramones – lp (3a stampa USA 76 Sire)

Patti Smith Group – Easter – lp (1a stampa Italia 78 Arista)

Alan Vega – Saturn strip – lp (1a stampa USA 83 Elektra)

Snakefinger – Greener postures – lp (1a stampa USA 80 Ralph)

The Stooges – Funhouse – lp (3a stampa Francia 70 Elektra)

Martin Rev – lp (1a stampa USA 80 Infidelity)

Bob James Trio – Explosions – lp (3a stampa USA 70 Esp)

Esther Phillips – Alone again, naturally – lp (1a stampa USA 72 Kudu)

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live! – lp (1a stampa USA 72 Columbia)

Buddy Miles – A message to the people – lp (1a stampa USA 71 Mercury)

Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down – lp (1a stampa USA 74 Tamla)

Bad Brains – I against I – lp (1a stampa USA 86 SST)

The Cramps – Tales from The Cramps – lp mono (2a stampa Francia 79 Cave)

Public Image Ltd. – Album – lp (1a stampa UK 87 Virgin)

Butthole Surfers – Rembrandt pussyhorse – lp (1a stampa USA 87 Touch & go)

Bonus 2000 Maniax post-punk mp3 compilation (

[SND] alan vega – every 1 is a winner (from saturn strip).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:54 3.8M
[SND] dead boys – ain’t nothing to do (from younger, louder & snottier).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:24 3.2M
[SND] dead kennedys – too drunk to fuck (from mutiny on the bay).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:48 2.7M
[SND] devo – secret agent man (from duty now for the future).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:21 3.3M
[SND] flipper – i’m fighting (from public flipper limited).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:27 2.5M
[SND] keith levene – i’m looking for something (from keith levene’s violent opposition).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:09 3.5M
[SND] martin rev – rocking horse (from clouds of glory).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:46 5.1M
[SND] minutemen – you need the glory (from double nickels on the dime).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:57 3.2M
[SND] p.i.l. – annalisa (from first issue).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:14 5.5M
[SND] p.i.l. – flowers of romance (from the flowers of romance).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:42 2.6M
[SND] patti smith group – rock n roll nigger (from easter).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:18 4.5M
[SND] pere ubu – untitled (from datapanik in the year zero).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:30 3.2M
[SND] snakefinger – living in vain (from greener postures).mp3 12-Feb-2008 21:06 3.4M
[SND] the birthday party – the dim locator (from junk yard).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:35 2.6M
[SND] the cramps – teenage werewolf (from tales from the cramps).mp3 12-Feb-2008 21:03 4.2M
[SND] the dictators – slow death (from bloodbrothers).mp3 12-Feb-2008 21:00 4.0M
[SND] the heartbreakers – can’t keep my eyes on you (from live at max’s kansas city).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:33 3.3M
[SND] the residents – perfect love (from commercial album).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:27 1.0M
[SND] the stooges – down on the street (from funhouse).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:51 3.4M
[SND] the velvet underground – can’t stand it anymore (from vu).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:40 3.1M
[SND] throbbing gristle – hit by a rock (from d.o.a.).mp3 12-Feb-2008 20:37 2.3M
[   ] thx post-punk compila.rar 29-Nov-2010 19:51 68M

– compiled by THX 1138 (feb 2008) –

Saluti dal vostro amichevole vicino…

THX 1138

dita polverose # 1: rock, jazz, funk e altre rarità

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Dita polverose e parecchie caccole nel naso, ecco cosa comporta il crate digging, ovvero l’arte di cercare -e trovare!- dischi di vinile rari nelle ceste dei negozietti dell’usato o, più in generale, ovunque si possano trovare dei vinili contenenti breaks (parti di batteria e strumentali usati nella creazione di beat -o basi musicali- e dai b-boys e le B-girls nella pratica del breaking). Ma quando si ritrovano vinili originali come questi si hanno delle grandi soddisfazioni, perlomeno se siete dei drogati di vinile (l’unica mia dipendenza) come me… se poi siete possessori di un paio di giradischi Technics 1210 con cui ascoltare questi fantastici rare groove potete considerarvi davvero fortunati. Lunga vita ai dischi di vinile! Abbasso il digitale! Evviva l’analogico!
Le foto sono state scattate da me stasera (clicca x ingrandire):

James Brown – Get up offa that thing (LP 1a stampa USA ’76 Polydor)

James Brown – There it is (LP 1a stampa USA ’72 Polydor)

James Brown – Reality (LP 1a stampa USA ’74 Polydor)

James Brown – Sex Machine. Recorded live at home in Augusta, Georgia with his bad self (LP ristampa Italia ’79 Polydor)

Public Enemy – Muse sick-n-hour mess age (LP 1a stampa USA ’94 Def Jam)

Don Cherry – Symphony for improvisers (LP 2a stampa USA ’66 Blue Note)

Steppen Wolf – The second (LP 1a stampa Italia ’68 Dunhill)

The Velvet Underground – VU (LP 1a stampa Olanda ’84 Verve)

The Doors – Alive she cried (LP 1a stampa Italia ’83 Elektra)

P.I.L. – Flowers of romance (LP 1a stampa Italia ’81 Virgin)

Throbbing Gristle – Fuhrer der mensheit (10″ 1a stampa Giappone ’81 American Phonograph)

Throbbing Gristle – Special treatment (LP 1a stampa Germania ’78 Mental Decay)

Keith Levene – Violent opposition (LP 1a stampa USA ’89 Taang!)

Keith Levene – Looking for something (12″ 1a stampa USA ’87 Taang!)


ringraziamenti speciali
a Licia e Mauro, i miei cari genitori: grazie di avermi trasmesso la passione per la musica e ancora grazie di tutti i dischi vintage che mi avete regalato 🙂 – a Kate: grazie per tutto l’amore che mi dai, i buoni consigli, il supporto e l’incoraggiamento… xxx! – ad Antonio Casile: i tuoi dischi li ascolto sempre sono fra i pezzi migliori della mia collezione, ci vediamo nella capitale 😛 – a Giovanni Rossi: grazie per la cassa di originali americani che mi hai regalato due anni fa, sono stupendi! (^o^)/ – ad Alessio Gnot: grazie per i tuoi stupendi regali, lunga vita al vinile e alla pellicola cinematografica! :-* – a Rock Bottom Records di Firenze: grazie per la vostra simpatia e disponibilità e per avermi procurato e/o riservato dei vinili pressochè introvabili e sempre in condizioni eccellenti. – a Bubu Gattone: grazie della compagnia e dell’allegria che provo guardandoti giocare

ded 2: Kate – Pralina Tuttifrutti – Leila (RIP) – Marta (RIP) – Cristina e Stefania – Martina, Stefano Tetano e Demetrio – Francesca e Sara – Roberta e Raffaella – WJM – JD Zazie – Valeria F. – Meby – Sara – Mis Topi – Eva e Gaoussou – Roberto (RIP) – Kentai e Lisa – Emiliano “Snookie” e Anna – Nicola – Chiara Vampyr e Federico – Stefania S. – Gianluchino – Zino e Sec – Gaietta, Bernardo e Alberto – Paolo, Betta, Tommy e Camilla – Natalia e Andrea – Barbarina – Elisa e Laura – Gaia B. e Peter K. – Arianna – Suzanne – Daria – Barbara T. – Chiara Sweet sensation – Clara – Silvietta – Sally – Mari – Kulanda – Chiarina – Chiarina De Filippis – Caterina P. – Swavez WC – Space – Next One – Gruff – Tay – Tommy Toome – Pinzu – Lory – Craim – La Primiera – Aennedi’ – Menti Criminali – I’ Cerchioni – Eleonora e Maurizio – Edua WC – Adam Zig Zag – Led – Checca, Jimmi e Augusto – Mat Pogo – Nicotì – Vittorio – Brio – Molly – Arianna D. – Lisa – Jordan e Viviana – Syd e Francesca – Angelo e Ambra – Nadine e Koji – Fede – Zio Jo – Mariano (RIP) – Rita e Maria Rita – Lorella – Stefania – Gea e Gioconda – Alessio e Sara Bibbitone – Sandra e Alain – Adam Zigzag – Weis – La Famiglia Dembelè – Frankie Frankie e Serena – Claudio Sniff – Kafa – Carlo Bonamico – Federico Riondino – Lando Calrissian – DJ Uzi – FCE – HHV Berlin – Ogini – Gabriele – Rosa – Fiammetta – Appe – Vecchio – Pippino – Zipolite – Alice e Matteo – Dana e Antonio – Noa – Giamaica – Piero C. – Piero F. – Rock Bottom Records – Skua’ e Marina – Steve Rozz – Davidino – Edo Poliedro – Mattia Mazzo – Marco – Freddy – Charlie – Patrick – Bibo – The Messiah – Paola C. –  Paolo Sharo – Alessio Stuba – Diga – Filippo – I’ Leo – Pippone e Silvia – Manuela – Stefanino Del Bubu7te – Salvo – Christian W. – Francesco M. – Sandro e Laura – Livia e Gabry – Simona – Cristina e Aldo – Mahala Ballana – Aigor – all the B-boys!

True Legends: BPP – Mumia – H. Rap Brown – James (RIP) – Buddy (RIP) – Wilson Pickett (RIP) – PE – BDP – Run-DMC & Jam Master Jay (RIP) – Ol’ Dirty Bastard (RIP) –  Frosty Freeze (RIP) – Ice-T & The Syndicate Posse – Bam – Herc – Flash – Kurtis Blow – The X-ecutioners – ISP – Jimi (RIP) – Iceberg Slim (RIP) – Fab 5 Freddy – The Rammell – Dondi (RIP) – DITC – Lee – The Bronx

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