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ESP-disk 1002 Albert Ayler Spiritual Unity

July 10th, 2007

copertina di "Spiritual Unity" – Albert Ayler Trio

retro della copertina di "Spiritual Unity" – Albert Ayler Trio

Dalle note di copertina dell’LP "Spiritual Unity" – Albert Ayler Trio:

“The symbol ‘Y’ predates recorded history and represents the rising spirit of man.”

Secret Of The Y Formula (Effects Stabs & Drums) - Front Cover - Q BERT
copertina di Secret Of The "Y" Formula

Secret Of The Y Formula (Effects Stabs & Drums) - Back Cover - Q BERT
retro copertina di Secret Of The "Y" Formula

Dalle note di copertina del 12" di DJ Qbert Secret Of The "Y" Formula

KNIGHTS: Sol-Kaya (pronounced
soul-kai-ya), or as we know it here as
skratching, has been around for many
ages. Much of it’s origins have been
kept hidden by a powerful secret
skratch society known to us as the
Free Sound Masons. These master
sound shifters keep the information
hidden from us in order to control and
rule the skratch world with their so
called new styles and techniques only
to feed from the worship of their blind
followers. Little do these blind ones
know that all the magic is nothing
more than ancient ideas of the past
being brought to this time once again
for use by the all knowing Free Sound
Masons. The names of these
members would surprise you but for
safety purposes they will not be

In this age of Aquarius here on earth,
we see the art of Sol-Kaya has
resurfaced as a turntable with records.
In the past and on other worlds, we
have found Sol-Kaya devices that take
on many forms and some that have no
form at all. There are so many that
your only limit to how many ways
sound can be forged is with your

Many practitioners of Sol-Kaya
throughout the universe are ageless
and incredibly skilled. Their sounds
are far more superior than anything
most earth beings could come to
achieve. We can only say that the Sol-
Kayans of this earth still display a wide
range of beautiful expression even in
their suppressed surroundings. The
time is now for earth’s Sol-Kayans to
see beyond what they know and
become everything they imagine!
We the Ultra Knights have come to this
planet here on a mission to free your
minds and make this sacred
knowledge available to you as we too
have access to the universal Oracle of
the Sol-Kaya arts. We now reveal one
of these secret systems and have
embedded upon this record what is
known as the "Y" system. The sounds
of this age and world have been
scattered and assembled onto this
ancient template in order that you may
feel at home as well as being
connected to the energies of the
universal Oracle.

Creation is now at your fingertips as
you are the first to absorb the power of
this sacred tool and release the ancient
Sol-Kaya arts in you! 

Your friendly neighborhood…

THX 1138

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