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Entered room Underground Hiphop

July 13th, 2007

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dalla chat "Underground Hiphop" del soulseek network: 

* Entered room Underground Hiphop
[thx] yo
[jesus-saurus rex.] ya gay asian zombie with a curl from Micheal Jacksons Thriller deleted scenes
[Menju] lkjlk
[thx] how you doin'?
[FourthFace] not bad you?
[thx] good
[FourthFace] cool cool
[FourthFace] oh, word.???
[FourthFace] hmm…
[FourthFace] interesting.
[FourthFace] great!
[thx] last week i see the stone throw party in pisa (italy)
[thx] real kool
[thx] there was percee-p, aloe blacc, j. rocc, peanut butter & guilty simpson
[SageTheTheif] smoke dank
[thx] very powerful show
[SageTheTheif] anyone have apathy?
[thx] j. rocc is a m.f. robot!!!
[SageTheTheif] i hate robots
[SageTheTheif] humans are the shit
[thx] in a good sense of the word
[thx] …
[thx] 🙂
[SageTheTheif] humans are the superior being
* Disconnected
* Entered room Underground Hiphop
[ICE-o-lator] im searchin for d&d allstars – pass it 1,2 (premier rmx)
[ICE-o-lator] does anybody know on which album it is?
[6yxou] who likes galapagos4?
[Brians] /me
[6yxou] i`m fan))
[6yxou] its very difficult to find the stuff in Russia(
[6yxou] soulseek – best way
[Brians] what stuff …..brians
[6yxou] there is no releases in our music markets
[WINS] hip hop
[thirdstrykfelony] so who here likes ay bay bay * Disconnected
* Entered room Underground Hiphop
* (8(l) (¨¨¨`°¤©)(Ñõw-Plåý¡ñg)(©¤°`¨¨`°¤©)(RZA – Domestic Violence)(©¤°`¨¨¨) (l)8) *
[Brians]  (8(l) <–brian
* (8(l) (¨¨¨`°¤©)(Ñõw-Plåý¡ñg)(©¤°`¨¨`°¤©)(Slayer – Criminally Insane)(©¤°`¨¨¨) (l)8) *
[j_enemy] yo does anybody have ratatat remixes vol 2"?
[ICE-o-lator] who got an album of dog eat dog?
* ICE-o-lator np: 06-dog_eat_dog-step_right_in_(album_version)-lcn
[j_enemy] ratatat remixes vol 2 anyone?
[j_enemy] this room is dead…
[6yxou] and what is not dead?
[Brians] brian
[6yxou] rly?
[Brians] brian always pushin
[6yxou] pizdec
[6yxou] ueban
[Brians] who brian?
[6yxou] ueban
[6yxou] da vi vse tut uebani,huli..
[Brians] ask parents before to perform
[6yxou] i dont have parents man
[6yxou] dead
[Brians] them in hell?
[Brians] or heaven the how do you call it?
[6yxou] they are dead,you understand?
[Brians] brian can not
[Brians] <–great dark hole in the head
[Brians] but feel sorry for you if allowed
* Disconnected

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