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July 28th, 2007
Nuovo numero della stupenda rivista Waxpoetics per amanti di black music
dalla home page di Waxpoetics:
 Wax Poetics Issue 23
Wax Poetics Issue 23

Street Songs
was Rick James's masterpiece, his ghetto symphony. The Stone City Band
raps about the making of this historical funk document. Read some
interview extras here. In our back-cover feature, Brian Coleman presents an oral history on New York hip-hop club the Latin Quarter.

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The Dynamites

Kaboom! (Outta Sight Records)

From Music City, TN, the Dynamites fuse gospel soul with J.B.'s-style
horns to produce funk that runs the gamut from sinful Saturday night to
blissful Sunday morning. Fresh out of retirement, soulman Charles
"Wigg" Walker provides the raw and real vocal stylings. 

Joe Perkins and the Memphians (Plush) 
"Looking for a Woman"
Memphis soul belter Joe Perkins stalks a tricky, low-slung rhythm on
this classic slice of deep Southern soul. Sounding like a high-strung
Johnnie Taylor with a lingering throat ailment, Perkins rasps about
faith and love, while a wheezing, Booker T.-influence organist and an
over-caffeinated drummer battle for control of the groove. 
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