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Zodyax Scop Level 2: Equilibrium

August 9th, 2007

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Level 2: Equilibrium
Balance is an important element within the Zodyax Scop. Without equality, there is no order. Firus used this to compete against himself, using 2 samples as 2 battling voices.

For many years the system of the Zodyax Scop was hidden from us by a greedy society of skratch musicians known as the Cult of Arkan. In order to keep the secret of the system to themselves, they destroyed all evidence of its existence exept for one scroll which if deciphered correctly would unlock its mysteries. Only members of their clan would have the perfect form of the Zodyax. In the early 18th century, a lone skratch artist by the name of Firus the Wanderer stumbled upon the scroll while training in the city of Centris. He vowed never to let the Scopbe hidden from the universe again. Now, thousands of years after this flawless system was selfishly locked away it will be shared with all who will harness its teachings.

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