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DJ Premier on Wax Poetics Radio

December 23rd, 2007

dalla mailing list di Wax Poetics (http://www.waxpoetics.com)

**Scion AV Channel 5: Wax Poetics Radio**
*DJ Monk-One presents Wax Poetics Radio
*Host: Monk-One
Guest: DJ Premier*
Monk chops it up with the greatest beat maker of the last century in an exclusive, no-holds-barred convo. Gasp in amazement as never-heard-before sample sources are revealed. Head bop uncontrollably as legendary bangers from the Gang Starr chef are cooked before your eyes. Chuckle at Primo’s technique for dismantling wack laptop-using DJs. Scratch your head as he professes his love for Rush and AC/DC. Then ease back as Monk drops a set of ridiculous reggae-funk hybrids straight out of the dusty depths of Jamaica.
Get your blue notes on with some rugged jazz, dig the deep disco and get a taste of latin sabor.

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