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Approved by THX: nuovi lp e 12″

February 3rd, 2008

Novita’ discografiche approvate da THX (clikka sulle anteprime per ingrandire)

not moving – land of nothing

dj balli – pornogolf

the dj producer – drum reclamation

ghostface killa – da battle remix l.p

the art of scratch (one)

dj krush – stepping stones. soundscapes

kool keith – freaks

g & d – the message. universa

clark – turning dragon

burial – ghost hardware

kool keith – diesel truckers instrumentals


letizia renzini – bird listening

aesop rock – none shall pass

amon tobin – kitchen sink remixes

baron zen – remixes (12″)

baron zen – at the mall. the remixes

peanut butter wolf – b-ball zombie war

yesterday new quintet – yesterdays universe

speicher 57

aa vv – the kings of electro

aa vv – return of the d.j. vol III

phonometak laboratories – series 2

percee p – perseverance

dizee rascal – m4ths+english

mad professor – the adventures of a dub sampler (dub me crazy part 7)

your friendly neighborhood…

THX 1138


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