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E-mu shootout: SP12 vs. EMAX

June 25th, 2009

fonte: http://sp1200.myfastforum.org/about846.html&highlight=

video by DFace (DXArmy.com sp1200 forum) 


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leon freeze

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Checked out the video files in the lab…here’s the findings..
On the ‘El Guapo’ joint..
1.Emax/unpitched: Good sonic character, tight low frequencies..good general sound.
2.SP1200/unpitched: Pretty decent sonically, seemed punchy but a little ‘lo-fi’ or grimy. Only thing was the low end sustain on the tom sounded liver on the Emax.
3.Emax/45rpm+8: More or less the same as 1. Seemed to lose a little bit of high’s and detail compared to 1.
4.SP1200/45rpm+8: This one was sprinkled lightly with SP space dust. Not as detailed as the Emax..but more punchy and bangin’ in the lows. The SP really shined on this one to me.

‘Rob Swift’
1.Emax/unpitched: Overall same good sound as 1. from the other break. But..the Emax seemed to change the hi-hats. This joint seemed brighter than what was presented as the source file.  
2.SP1200/unpitched: Duller than the Emax overall…but def. had a more punchy low-end. Kicks stood out pretty good.
3.Emax/45rpm+8: Sounded cool nothin’ special. But I like the low-end playback on the Emax..pretty solid for such an old sampler.
4.SP1200/45rpm+8: Sounded alright…punchy low’s not as clear as the Emax.
5.Emax/45rpm+8-detuned: This to me was the worst delivery from the Emax. Sounded cool overall..but the low end seemed to break up or disappear a bit. Reminded me of the 2000XL sound.
6.SP1200/45rpm=8-detuned: Def. more bangin than the Emax. The kicks really stood out. Not as clean as the Emax..but the SP is it’s own kind of beast.

Emax: Solid playback/reproduction..but a little dull on the detail. But this test was done at 28k not 40k..so the Emax might come close to CD quality.

SP1200: Real grimy overall…seems like the natural choice for kick drums or drum chops. Seems a little lo-fi sounding, but great on anything percussion oriented except maybe hats. The alias tone popped up more on the SP files. I think only the last Emax file had an alias tone. The SP is an acquired taste…good thing to have in the sonic arsenal.  

D..right on for hosting the test and shooting me the files. If any of you other cats got the time..check the files and put down some notes..I’d be interested to see who agress/disagrees and why. Be easy folks. Oh yeah..I got the file order from the video..let me know if I fcked it up!!

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