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The Soul Assassins “Puppet Master” video

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videoclip del brano "Puppet Master", The Soul Assassins

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Do the James Brown!

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"No One Could Speak More Authoritatively for Blacks"
Do the James Brown!


    "James Brown had figured out a way to orchestrate a drum set, and make everything in the band work around a groove, rather than a melody."
— Rickey Vincent in "Funk: The Music, the People, and the Rhythm of the One"

The Godfather of Soul’s good timing extended to the era he was born in. He came of age when the isolated South was integrating with America through massive migration and through the struggle against segregation. In 1977, Brown told Cliff White that his mid-60s masterpieces depended upon being exposed to the North: "My eyes started opening … my brain started to intercept the new ideas and thoughts. I became a big city thinker. And I started tying that in". His epochal record "Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag" was recorded in February 1965, the same month Malcolm X was assassinated, and was released in July 1965, three weeks before the Watts Rebellion.

Brown also saw that for most blacks the poverty he’d experienced in the South was also rampant in the North. And James knew poverty intimately–he was often dismissed from school for "insufficient clothes" and was sent to prison at fifteen for stealing a coat. He was essentially homeless from the age of four until future sideman Bobby Byrd’s mother took him in at age eighteen.

Because Brown didn’t cross over like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and the Motown artists, his core audience -North and South- remained poor. He continued to speak for them and to them. This was so much true that in 1975 a white man in New York City took hostages at a New York City restaurant to protest the plight of blacks in America and demanded an audience with James Brown. According to Jet Magazine, the gunman felt "that no one could speak more authoritatively for blacks than James Brown". The hostage taker was captured after he fell asleep. Rickey Vincent wrote: "Absurd as the event was, the idea that James Brown carried more weight than any black politician, and still carried the moral authority of the Black nation, was right on target".

Brown endorsed Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 Presidential election and Richard Nixon in 1972. Both times he was damned as a sellout. But Brown’s social and political agenda went far beyond the politics of Humphrey or Nixon. After James Meredith was shot in Mississippi in 1966, James flew to his side and he did benefits for both SNCC and the NAACP. James Brown was anti-nuke. His early tours featured an implicit critique of a criminal justice system he knew all too well.

In Living in America: The Soul Saga of James Brown, Cynthia Rose describes the suitcase prop used by George Haines, the prosecutor who sent a teenaged JB to prison in 1949 ("Your honor, here’s my suitcase! If you let this man go free, I’ll pack up and flee this town!"). "That suitcase became a signature in the paroled entertainer’s late 1950s show," Rose writes, "a red prop emblazoned on one side with Please Please Please and on the other with Baby Take My Hand. Brown would use it to close a set". Later, when he was doing six years in prison for traffic violations, more time than William Calley did for the My Lai massacre, James told the New York Times: "I think there’s a lot of money spent on housing people away from home that should be spent on building them a home so they won’t ever have to leave". On 1972’s "Funky President", Brown was an early proponent of reparations ("Let’s get together, get some land") and even called for people to own their own factories.

According to road manager Alan Leeds, James held court on this agenda in his dressing room every night. He did the same in rib joints, hair salons, and private homes (RRC staffer Black Rose was at one such session in Oklahoma City in the 1970s). A meeting that Brown described as "cordial but direct" took place with SNCC’s H. Rap Brown to discuss strategies for black liberation. They disagreed over the use of violence and, when Rap Brown accused him of being a big star who was out of touch with the masses, James took exception, pointing out: "I probably come from a much poorer background than you do".

Certainly, James was working from personal memory when he produced a 1973 Maceo Parker track, "The Soul of a Black Man" and added lyrics such as "It’s so hard! It’s so baaaaaaaad! When you got three meals a day: oatmeal, no meal, and missed meal!"

In 1968, James had a massive hit with "Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)" featuring the key line: "We’d rather die on our feet than be livin’ on our knees". "Say It Loud" is actually an even more powerful statement today, now that the more or less automatic unity of 1968 has been replaced with the hatred of poor blacks expressed by Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, and many others.

Brown said it was clear from the shrinking number of white faces at his shows that "Say It Loud" cost him much of the crossover audience his mid-60s hits had built. Yet the overwhelming power of Brown’s music and message kept leaping racial boundaries (even on "Say It Loud" the children’s chorus was made up entirely of whites and Asians). Later, country stars such as Barbara Mandrell and Porter Wagoner waged a lengthy and ultimately successful campaign to bring James Brown to the Grand Ol Opry. James got up on that hallowed stage and did a couple of country songs and spoke about the impact of the Grand Ol Opry on his work. He was greeted warmly by most Opry fans who, in addition to enjoying the music, may have felt a kinship with Brown based on a common background of Southern poverty.

To impose his will upon the world, James Brown constructed a byzantine business empire and rehearsed and punished his band members to the point of mutiny. "If I had to fight James Brown, right away I would have a gun", Brown’s former bandleader Fred Wesley said. "Because his determination to win isjust more powerful than anyone else’s I’ve ever seen".

Brown ignored record contracts when they got in his way. For instance, in 1959 he went to Dade Records when his label, King Records, wouldn’t allow him to record instrumentals. The result was "Do The Mashed Potatoes, Parts 1 and 2", a Top 10 R&B hit issued under the name of Nat Kendrick and the Swans. Brown did it again later when he recorded a brilliant jazz organ album for Smash. He built a business empire of radio stations and real estate in pursuit of not just wealth but his own vision of freedom. As he put it: "You need power to get freedomYou need freedom to create." And create he did. Not just his own monumental catalog (including the number one 1962 pop album Live at the Apollo, which James had to pay for himself because his record company said it wouldn’t sell), but a torrent of albums by sidemen and singers alike. Brown’s own People Records issued message records by some of his female vocalists, such as Vicki Anderson’s "Message From the Soul Sisters" and Lyn Collins’ "Take Me Just as I Am".

Today we are once again sliding into the abyss that James Brown described in the liner notes to his 1974 album, Hell. "It’s hell down here and we’ve got to make a change. It’s hell when you don’t have a job and you can’t eat. Drugs are hell. War is hell. Prison is hell". And, most important of all: "It’s hell tryin’ to do it by yourself". James Brown had a monumental ego but he spared no effort to involve other people in the realization of his personal and artistic vision. He reached out relentlessly to find the hundreds of musicians and singers who helped him to create his music. He built a vast nationwide network of DJs, record stores, small businesses, and fans. He made sure that he stayed connected to his core audience.

Midway through the epic version of "There Was a Time" from Live at the Apollo, Volume 2 James Brown is leading the crowd through a chant. He calls out how many "unh!"s to bellow out to follow the refrain of "Hey, hey, I feel allright". The band is unbelievable-a thousand subtleties coalescing into a mighty rhythmic river. But there’s a guy in the audience who’s messing up the ritual by following a separate count. James chides him gently, speculating that the man is in a hurry to take the power of the show back home to the bedroom ("He’s got something else on his mind!"). It continues and James pleads with him: "Come on brother, don’t take all this groove away!"

James is laughing because he knows that a nuclear warhead couldn’t take that groove away. But he’s also dead serious, because he knows what it took to create the James Brown groove and bring it to the people. He knows that the groove contains more than music, that it’s a train with a destination of the greatest importance. James Brown died before his groove got to the end of its journey. He left it for us to do with what we will, what we can, what we should. We’ll know we’ve completed that mission when every man, woman, and child on earth can survey their lives and loudly proclaim: "Hey, hey, I feel allright-unh! unh! unh!"

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kiss my 12 bit ass

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UOCHI TOKI live @ EX Fila (FI) 10.9.09

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10/09/2009 h 22.00

presso Exfila – Via Mons. Leto Casini, 11, Firenze, Firenze
"Be Young, Be Wrong" Festival

ultimo disco:

Uochi Toki – Libro Audio —

Uochi Toki live a Settignano (foto: THX 1138) 

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il weekend della prossima settimana a Pontedera (PI)

New York posters: Untouchable (Silvius)

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Ennesima figura di merda del Cavaliere anche negli States…


"L’Intoccabile" ti guarda dai muri di New York: nelle strade di Soho,
il quartiere alla moda, nei vicoli di Little Italy, nei vialoni del
Lower East Side, l’ex ghetto di ebrei, italiani e banditi che oggi è
tutto localini e botteghe chic. "L’Intoccabile" naturalmente è lui,
Silvio Berlusconi, Quello-Che-Comanda-Tutto che anche gli americani
stanno imparando a conoscere: grazie ai reportage del settimanale
radical The Nation, agli speciali della conservatrice Fox tv, alle
cronache dell’allarmato Wall Street Journal e, ieri mattina, del
compassato New York Times, che ha portato in prima pagina lo scandaloso
"licenziamento" di Dino Boffo. Ma da un paio di giorni il premier che
alle domande dei giornalisti risponde chiamando la magistratura è
finito anche al muro, a New York. Una serie di manifesti – avvistati da
un giornalista che da anni vive e lavora negli States, Alberto Baudo,
che li ha subito fotografati – ispirata agli "Intoccabili", il
capolavoro di Brian De Palma dedicato, guarda un po’, ad Al Capone, con
il faccione del primo ministro e la scritta: "L’intoccabile". Sotto, un
gioco di parole tra "Untouchable" e "Unimpeachable", cioè che in Italia
sfugge all’impeachment che pure in America sfiorò perfino Clinton. E
ancora: "Nessuno può toccarlo, nessuno può fermarlo". Il mistero dei
poster potrebbe essere presto risolto: dietro all’iniziativa ci sarebbe
un gruppo di studenti e professionisti, da tempo negli Usa, che si
definiscono "I nuovi carbonari". L’operazione sarebbe costata 4
migliaia di dollari ("Autotassazione…") ma i manifesti sarebbero solo
l’inizio e nuovi blitz sono allo studio. Per la cronaca, tra un paio di
settimane Berlusconi l’Intoccabile qui dovrà sbarcare, atteso con gli
altri leader mondiali per il vertice Onu (dal nostro inviato ANGELO

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MIX’D UP: DJ GRUFF e BONNOT in “Benopolismi” (live set, Italia) + WAX TAYLOR (live set, Francia) – 11 settembre 2009 Saschall (FI)

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MIX’D UP – questo il nome della serata – inizia alle
ore 21,30 con l’obbietivo di promuovere la musica nel capoluogo
fiorentino. Una serata che vede fondere la storia dell’hip hop italiano
– meglio rappresentata da DJ GRUFF e BONNOT (Assalti Frontali) – per presentare il loro nuovo pluri-premiato progetto live "Benepolismi".

MIX’D UP apre alla scena internazionale trip hop grazie alla presenza del francese WAX TAILOR
che il prossimo autunno calcherà i palchi di tutto il mondo per
presentare il suo ultimo capolavoro discografico "In the mood for life".

Wax Tailor image

Aprono l’evento gli OVERKNIGHTS – promotori e agitatori del movimento hip hop nel territorio fiorentino.

venerdì 11 settembre al Saschall di Firenze, in via Fabrizio De Andrè.

entrata 5 euro prima delle 22 e 8 euro dopo le 22


your friendly neighborhood… THX 1138 

Gothic Futurism. The Ramm-Σll-ZΣΣ

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Estratto dal pamphlet scritto da The Ramm-Σll-ZΣΣ (conosciuto anche come Ramm-Ell-Zee, RAMMΣLLZΣΣ, Ramm:Ell:Zee, Rammellzee o RammEllZee) sull’estetica del Panzerismo Iconoclasta spiegata e illustrata dal proprio ideatore. Questo testo, nella sua prima versione redatta nel 1979, è stato presentato alla prestigiosa Biennale dell’Arte di Venezia tenutasi il medesimo anno. The Ramm-Σll-ZΣΣ è stato il primo graffiti writer della storia ad esporre le sue opere alla Biennale di Venezia. The Ramm-Σll-ZΣΣ è stato anche un importante innovatore dell’arte del rap. Con una varietà di stili sin dagli anni 80 ha ispirato artisti internazionali del calibro di Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill ed ha collaborato con vari artisti fra cui Bill Laswell e Material. Compare inoltre in due classici del cinema hip hop della golden age: "Wildstyle" di Charlie Ahern e "Style Wars" di Tony Silver e Henry Chalfant. Il titolo del suo ultimo album è "BiConicals of The RammEllZee" prodotto dall’etichetta indipendente tedesca Gomma Records.


© Copywrite 1979 / Revised 2003


M x A = N has been placed by this unplanned
structure colony math to do the concentrating of friction-formation.
The equation G x O = D has placed two prophetic
universal (not according to this word-formation UNIVERSAL)

universal gamble is the understructuring of a transversal register.
The letter by equation and answer to equation. The other universal
gamble is the reformation-equations to make the understructure make
itself the overstructure in an equation-evolution ornamentation by
monks who overstructured their idols and did not know that they had
remanipulated a disappearing point on a quantum transversal register.
The next point of appearance to the register’s structure was known
as armanamentation in the universal gamble of word-strategy
reformation by the reformators and themselves the receptacles. Once
again this is Ikonoklast Wars, but this time it is not the
receptacles, it is the quantum transversal registers armoured against
those the matter fact of abstract. O in the explosion equation
implosion the power of this infinities FOCI, (planet) show a vacuum
for a fetal formation to be possible due to the ladder, O shows
vacuum the element formator.



Electromagnetic energy’s
knowledge conformed in a stable formation function protection around
any planet gives basis base for development of disease-culture, on
any planet with enough natural resources to conceive bacteria as long
as the orbit is the right position for that vital resource. Humans
being disease-culture (the body), spirits being gaseous energy
(disease-culture manipulation). Death is remanipulation only be
electromagnetic knowledge energy leaving disease because of
malfunction of inhabited diseaseculture, other deaths are only
CHANGE. Electromagnetics’ knowledge disperses back into the course
of the Van Allen Belt’s (in purity). ‘
dianetical path, continuing on in evolution’s path. Knowledge is
scattered throughout Van Allen Belt in minute knowledge-particles.
Life. Electromagnetics in a photonic stage to conduct energy’s
knowledge light (pure thought) which is in all atoms inhabits
compatible disease by fusing into diseases DNA nervous-system
structure-codeplan to energize the cerebrum before its embryotic
stage sharing and manipulating and being manipulated with the
composed knowledge of the atometric D x N = A
molecules and at the end of cellular construction is conformed into
biochemical energy and is dispersed through motor neutrons. This
structural symbolic procedure-code connects the Van Allen Belt as a

and the basic symbol for language for structural symbolic
translations transformations of slanguage for energy’s purpose
through the manipulation of insight and onsight of energy and
inhabited diseases. These completed symbols are: Roman, Arabic,
Hebrew, Chinese and any other symbol NOT resembling latter
language-symbols or pictograms.

Knowledge knowledges
knowledge, the elevation of WILD STYLE-knowledge is concluded as a

SIRPIEREULE: is electromagnetic
structure-formation function protection register dealing with a
friction-formation of compressed electromagnetic knowledge and what
it remanipulated strictly from a subject Equation-Formation Latin,
warning any misuse without the representation and reformation of the
alphabet structure-formator as it leads you into apocalyptic AP x 0 =
CALY + PTIC wars will lead you into apocalyptic wars final formation

This pamphlet holds, formates the knowledges to
translate a symbol, an universal symbol, the dictionary, all
word-formations and any sentence, paragraph, page or study including
the Bible.

With formations two degrees are left open for
discussion and in math: SUG – G x EST = IONS.

First codified
law (Roman) 449 BC. Ram catches bases for structure colony
mathematics of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. Points stabilizing friction,
intake, outpush or thrust. Start with the structure of six, 6, 360,
of equaling or extending from zero degrees equals aerodynamics. This
is the reverse like 360 + 00. IMPLOSION/EXPLOSION EQUALS


(147 B.C. Roman period begins) (1140 A.D.
Gothic period begins) From the fourth century to the nineteenth
century a development of style remanipulated by monks known as Gothic
type, or Old English type, presently used by The New York Times and
Long Island Press. This is the PROTO-product of WILD-STYLING. To my
knowledge of letter-structure, separation of sound (verbal recording)
and word-formations English, Spanish and Russian, and any other
Slanguages using Roman letter-symbols or others are not a language,
due to universal symbolic thievery. The original verbal formation
(phonetic) for the Roman letter was Latin: (L+AxT= IN).

can a government be structured straight using a symbolic code
subconsciously remanipulated and its symbols do not belong to the
verbal formation. To my know edge societies and disease-culture
symbols have violated universal symbolic laws and shortcircuited the
electromagnetic code of the Roman lettersymbols and others used to
build a word, the definition of a word to build a society and then a
government and a future educational process to complete universal
transit system and manipulate (blood system).

To my knowledge
of the symbolic codes of the alphabet’s formation, it is very much
incorrect. The evolution of the Roman letter structured in the
structures. The construction of most of the symbols was remanipulated
subconsciously, J,U,W are conscious remanipulations. (Neutral) The
borrowing of subconsciously incomplete symbolic structures
(Phoenician), etc. Added to the design of the Roman letter-type,
these symbols are complete due to armament-structure in design of
IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. According to the degree of knowledge of the
cipher, triangle and square. This is not revolution, this is


infinity or Van Allen Belt

‘a section-grafage symbol’ is based with electromagnetic energies
positive north, positive-south squared, negative north, negative
south squared, chemically based dry-based, and so-called anti-based
energies. This build/destroy symbol is for science, mathematics
(universal) to our life forms knowledge and not religion. The
symbolic structure X holds fusion (W x A = R)
according to this formation and pamphlet’s breakdown-strategy
(formated by its structure). The Roman letter-type and others have
been armed to assassinate and/or abolish this supreme symbol known as
infinity-sign by removing the X from this written structure.

is symbolic wars using slang and ionics to understand the very
outline-structure that makes A through Z its mathematics and science
for disease-culture to understand the consequences of structure that
have been disease-culturally sabotaged and trick-knowledged.

formations of word-knowledge are constructed under the symbolic
thoughts of the infinity-sign.

Motion in motion, power,
armed, stride with position straight, is known as the function
formation formula for and of IKONOKLAST PANZERISM: R.O.K.
REMANIPULATION, all the knowledge for military strategy for the
(BLOOD SYSTEM) of New York City, (Universal Transit



KILLERS *1974-1979*


Infinity’s electromagnetic knowledge shows that there are
two C cipher belts one is forward the other is reversed, (foci or
planet), and an electromagnetic knowledge starting a society, for an
established knowledge is A.D., according to the dictionary. All
knowledge-remanipulation, in the universal gamble, by Monks was
destroyed by ikonoklastic emperors themselves divided realms from
disease-culture sounds and formation C-O+dominion = A GOD, GIVEN

In 1582 the 13th Pope removed ten days
from the calendar, the next day they will stay is the year 2000. From
the fourth century to the nineteenth century outline of letter,
numbers and other universal symbols and disease-cultural structures
was in the hands of calligraphers. Since then the Roman letter in a
Panzer stage of evolution from the fourteenth century to 1969-1974
was complete subconscious toyism (Treacherous on your System). From
Bubble to structure (squared) and emotional outburst era 1974-1979
was a war-era, where knowledge formed about by itself through the
body, in the dark, underground. This is a ten-year cycle of so-called
graffiti development and elevation.1980-2000 separation between WILD
STYLISM and PANZERISM, the non emotional era, knowledge of it and
purpose of it, this is full evolution of the Roman letter-type and
others in so-called graffiti.

The present infinity-sign and
the symbol X: this symbol must be separated from the present
infinity-sign by IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. The only way is to go into the
structure on paper of space or dimensions of art of paper. WILD
STYLISM: “A So Called’ element of graffiti is base-derived from
Gothic text subconsciously. The Futurism is PANZERISM-design a

‘WILD STYLE has no rules’ in itself to have no rules
is to be ISM the goal and the rule. Separation of unique
interpretations or basic symbolic construction, example: common sense
says the only basic symbol for a missile is an arrow, shown by the
Chinese, the ones who really started all recording verbal formation
symbols, several thousand years ago. NO GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWED TO

Style separation of the advanced
statement style IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. Registeration and Draftation of
three to ten style structures of which four are commercially based in
Futurism armament. From Transit records and elimination of style
interpretation and conception on a PANZERISM scale of design
advancement in drafting techniques, you have a choice to go in, out
or remain neutral. To anyone who challenges this pamphlet me outcome
is a word-formation breakdown on these styles of
reality-construction. Since PANZERISM is conceived on a flat
dimension, one phase of WILD STYLE is conceived on a flat dimension
(paper style). This style is of knife (stabbing) technique.

a Symbolic War and according to the understanding of slang in
gangsterism, a paper style will burn if faced with an outranking
construction in drafting technique.

Listed are these

Due to a knowledge of reality-construction
(IKONOKLAST PANZERISM), the incomplete outline-construction in the
drafting technique, the construction of this next style is concluded
as an educational technique, (JEWELRYSM) or the DISCRETIONISM or

The NYMPHISM is a practice that based on my studies
are the growing baby-tanks. NYMPHISM shows the only technique of WILD
STYLISMS with some discipline and goal. Other styles and/or GOTHIC
FUTURISM include Dimensional map techniques, BUBBLE-style techniques
that deal with elements of commercial calligraphy.

WILD STYLISMS in any plan of operations whether for military purposes
or not will advance in drawing-technique to a PANZERISM-style
technique on the letter’s structure, masterpieces and pieces in and
on any medium does not include scenery. Any masterpiece or piece that
has a crack in its outlined structure techniques according to
PANZERISM-technique has been fired upon and hit, evidence is cracks a
factual damage-symbol in anything that deals with art.

is from the beginning to the end of recorded history!

to slang and reality-condensed style structure piece equals gun not
the medium, masterpiece equals cannon and/or tank or the

TAG militarily the unreadable are a
stabbing harpoon and pulsator technique which is like a satellite.
This technique can unravel, extend, discharge, surround, attack. TAG
is not a signature but a sign-overture. Due to the formula in
construction of motion in motion construction, path of launch and
extension of the connecting SIRPIEREULE.


BOMBERISM: is a style based on the cipher and is
not armed but can be. WILD STYLISMS are semi-based on
Bubble-Bomberism (EMOTIONAL) subconscious, knowledge of PANZERISM.
WILD STYLISMS are INCOMPLETE outline-constructions (according to a
military technique of reality-condensed construction). IKONOKLAST
PANZERISM R.O.K.: GOTHIC FUTURISM, based on knowledge of the square
is non-emotional and doesn’t assert one’s inner identity, shows
complete outline-structure in detail of detail of a tank-styled
letter and is an Ideamotor-movement.


Mapping techniques of GOTHIC FUTURISM
(evidence technique). The construction of a dimensional graph
consisting and existing in the state of the subconscious whereas
IKONOKLAST PANZERISM is one of the 13 unseen details. Other
instruments of symbolic war are: sectioners, which cut off quadrants
of dimension and cause magnetic interference and fusion of mattered
space to reverse it.

Section-sources in RAMMLL’s
of triangle grids and rotation-discs as a base for a base for a
projection-system based on RAMenergetics. In FUTURA’s
translation-map these SECTIONERS are known and constructed as a
formation of dots in front of or behind IKONOKLAST PANZERISM or
Bomberism leading attack. In another formation on military
cross-sectioning with SECTIONERS or Dimension-Sectioning, a
draft-technique that is drafted by firing two electron light beams in
different directions magnetically (using the diamond effect)
connecting at the end of a quadrant, therefore in the middle where a
dot in any colour usually bigger than the actual line is the
sectioner. From the available map-studies to show direction of
IKONOKLAST PANZERISM, FUTURA’s hand movement shows the stroke of
painting the design for IKONOKLAST PANZERISM. The structure before
(unseen) process of that stroke is a tank, at the end of the tank
FUTURA’s beginning stroke for the colour-wave combining with the
red shift of light and shows the actual stretching of the camouflage
on the tank far behind it reacting in a way as drawn speedlines so or
exhaust far out in second-dimension space.

HARPOON (Thought Lance) holds complete thought-processes to
constructions and launches outline that can construct any shape
energy it wants to construct in any dimension of physical magnetics.
Several remanipulators such as dimensional doors, dimension cracks.
BOMBERISM: Construction flight base is on the cipher, which flies in
a spiral cipher. Included in the map and maps are conscious
design-stars (misplaced dimensions) the actual firing of
electromagnetic black-lights (implosion) and bio-magnetic pyramids.
Dimensional cracks: the travel of them will lead to other dimensions.

graffiti for the remanipulation by and from energy through the body
for the repercussions and rediscussions of society’s misleading
reductional break-down. Knowledge be reborn by the understanding of
word-formations that there is no dictionary ever compelled for the
evolution of the outline of the AB. And C through Z, and other
universal structures.

Since these symbols and all symbols are
drawn, infinity’s separation from all symbols must be shown through
drawing. The only proof of such a separation of the infinity would be
the understanding by the majority of the planetary peers. There is no
other way. These pages are on the evolution of the very outline of
the universal letter-structure. Until this is read and understood the
very essence of the formations existing slanguages science and
universal letter symbol outlined structure could and will never be
understood, placed or used in an ism.


decode these mechanics, replace the last period of each passage with
one of these terms:

Is, of, or with. Then, make the first
letter of the next letter passage a small letter and read through…


Capitol energy houser constructor (finance) formation high bar
strategy middle lane missile launcher uppercase falls once. Second
case, second case second lane missile launcher falls twice, third
lane vortex complete, all lanes hold complete. Full knowledge

(Pyramid) formation final beginning knowledge of the O (cipher and

First lane readmission, third lane readmission, second lane curved
connected to first and third lanes fourth lane representing IBILE:
undividing E concentric 3, knowledge of the B (formation ground
Third lane starting first fold from the bottom be
the formation R, first stage capitol position. Third lane capitol
long lane missile launcher second lane equalizer for the first lane.

C Structure knowledge
incomplete O, 60 (point-point+) missing from cipher=C, representing
third letter. Since O is broken, C cancels out itself because its
outline does, not go around and come around. In this formation XC
equals finance.
(ALL knowledge through contradiction from
contradiction spelling of CONTxRA-DICT= ION, inhabits knowledge that
this is truly knowledge of

reversed. IBILE. D proceding and/or with knowledge of I showing
evolution’s dianetical course (Van Allen Belt) from energy to
concrete construction to energy reformation and all points exits
grounded from 0 to 360 (instruments), (light), (matter), the letters
are reputed to and in the left of the cerebrum, sound from 0 to 180
degrees. Electromagnetic knowledge is in the future but in the
present is fantasy of the future electromagnetic knowledge
surrounding form of I with no electromagnetic interference. I form=
Disease Culture. Electromagnetic interference formed by reaction of
reaction through or to reaction, reaction caused by IBILE symbol
Conclusion symbol reborn
and Female structure

E Energie’s Evolution spelling of
EVOxLU=TION and evolutions show composed of knowledge of the 
reformation from and to Sigma, (Summation Operator) considering
contradiction the use of all contradiction according to these pages.
Therefore knowledge be reborn. Fantasy, reality, mental physical
contradiction, being conversation and the matter of contradicted
fact. Knowledge of the

lines between three points also is conscious. (E 3

F Formation militairy only to all word-formations in and of A
or its position. First lane emerges from second lane upper case,
second lane extends to first rebeing P. (Low Lane) first lane second
lane to third position equals L through extension bars in WILD
STYLISM or PANZERISM explanation.

G (Cancellation C+(-)=G

being first letter G.
(-)= 60°GOQC G=0
Q, C = G
in this order of the knowledge techniques formation
mathematically processed subconscious structure assassination.
Development of slanguage consequences form progression of planetary
governments true understanding and consequences of present
Techniques, theories, facts, and their consequences, what is the
outcome*. Three equals man and reverse energy equals use of man,
consequences. Consequences equal governments before understanding
purpose and/or symbols and governments structure of slanguage.
Consequences present infinity sign. (Since it is a high official
symbol, the highest math symbol must be assassinated and abolished in
its dimension).

H WISxDO=M showing (latter lower hydrogen
upper helium) position, a middle bar (carbon) 8 rungs through 360 =
either beginning or end, the GRILLER of both and future, being
present knowledge of the letter’s compacts to the



I IBILE undividing
present form showing contradiction between society and knowledge
itself being 1, structure knowledge constituting laws of sculpture
structure reformidibles and laws of disease-culture (horizontal bar
lower level) (upper level) constitutes laws of electromagnetic energy
(knowledge), and abstract concept, vertical bars equal in concepts
(fusion) between and concerning forward idea movement construction
(LINE) and opposite line (abstract) anti-mattered concepts.
Illuminations and Panzerism conclude this.

J IBILE undividing
conjunction full stride half stuttle lower case curvature non-elite.
I=J formation (nonjustice=J) regardless to the outcome of any
dictionary teaching, regardless to any of any prophetic, herelithic
teaching in the English slanguage. Lower case mechanics to the
mechanics of 1.

K IBILE futurism access is upper case
gangsterism access is advancible up the scale of futurism showing
knowledge entry of electromagnetic entry from foci to the end of
slanguage symbol advancement.

L Knowledge of the concrete line
at the 45° AxLI=NE angle manipulates process between eight
45 angles and two bases. Four can be upper case four lower on the
reverse side four can be upper case four can be lower case and
opposite. 90 is the concentration point.

M Mathematics can be
produced chemically of and with latitude longitude positions of
electromagnetic structures enabling thought concentration in
phonetics in its formation. QUANTUMMECHANICS.

N NxE=0 is
concentration formation always beginning any formation thought
process of the symbols, name, formation, and character of its own
evolved square knowledge to have (NECESxSIT= IES) within the outlined
structure formation equation.

O Cipher 360 is curved in
clockwise procedure futuristic or counterclockwise destructive
motion. The development of knowledge can never build in an upwards
structure without point or points, to use a point is to build other
than a cipher. A cipher’s outline starts at O and is drawn to 360
the end using triangle and square. All knowledge clockwise and
counterclockwise according to the present

must go around and come around or in one point in its quadrants be
destructive. 2 points=1 degree. Using a triangle = 360 = 720 points =

Reversed C cipher giving longer percentage of knowledge of the
gangster spectrum of knowledge of the vertical shown by the vertical
formation by itself.

Q In counterclockwise motion or clockwise
cipher broken, crossbar showing angle of escape from party inside
cipher. Arrow symbol placed shows structure symbol of being escaping
cipher vertical line being space travel at present vertical is in
direction arc 75°. In this position is man’s and woman’s
structure symbol


R (C cipher reversed) IBILE bar separate at the
(science) base gangsterism knowledge connected to reversed C cipher
not at foci in future ahead of time structure at the end of the
second quadrant to the cipher’s structure. Intersection of
science-structure (medicine) diagonally intercepted for and with
strategic positioning and/or procedure. B equals split formation 13,
R first read-mission lane and third read-mission lane disengaged from
fourth lane equals structure of the K.

S Style Stroke (PHYxS=
ICS) knowledge of the square to be placed upon all word-formations.
Physical break-down strategy of the universal letters outlined
structures. Based on these and this structure.

T Horizontal
raised to capitol or finance position showing societies’
viewpoints. (PSY x CH = lC) equaling before and
after prophesies, dreammares of day and night to and of the extremes
are (horizontal) telekineses, telepathic. Time shown by the vertical

U Universal symbol to I, N, E, showing futurism and an
access to re-enter at will to electromagnetic energies past and
present. Since they will be based on this symbol conscious knowledge
in education process and electromagnetic energy is covered knowledge
projected in the future into the future.

V As you know comes
to a point, its trajectory is pointing down also showing the strategy
and positioning C cipher. Presentday government and its direction in
our present infinium, I believe, historians in the future will see
why this symbol is shown as a downfall symbol based on present day
infinity sign.

W First lane showing considered knowledge and
contraction second lane build concentration conversation for
mathematics. Third lane electromagnetic structure. Fourth lane
contradiction in conversation toward futurism, first foundation word
all formations.

X In the dictionary this symbol’s definition
means Christ. It’s structure shows four escape or enter paths of
electromagnetic energy, in the middle is a combined knowledge of all
four paths. No Infinity-Sign should have such a symbol, it shows
fusion the main remanipulator of war. Directly those knowledges that
survived its fusion will end up back at the beginning of past, but
they will go through fusion a second time before doing so. (According
to letter mathematics IKONOKLAST PANZER R.O.K. and laws of art, using
hyperbolliad and/or folium on the infinity symbol or Van Allen Belt,
trajectory is found for assassination technique on spectrum. X with –
= technique on foci or planet. This is Ikonoklast’s trajectory for
firing horizontally, vertically on infinity in its turning

Y This symbol is firing its purpose through
mathematics to the formation I and will break that (S) (O) (E) line
between fantasy and reality and shadow dimension. Notice the
direction is downward.

Z Is a time-symbol based on energy
directed through symbolics, without friction to disease-culture
structures, an idea construction extension of 7#. A society’s
present-day government education after gatherment evolution on the
top the Roman letter is read left to right in the motion of this
symbol. From letter controlled by government showing government
losing control letter structure regaining control continuing in the
right direction, outcome, this is shown by putting a line through the
middle of the
That is the ground line separating society and gangsterism to and
from this consciously-labeled Roman lettertype.

with vertical bar is time triggered to intercept any overstructure
overstructuring its structure.


*NUMBER’S* In this mathematical
formation (NU+MBxE=R)
° structure definition for numbers is in
this formation W, M, 1, Q, A, L, E, R, T, S, N. This formation is a
connection of symbolic code of Roman letters to the other symbols.
Arabic numbers introduced by India which can be armed because of
their structure that represents letters, not names. There are five
Russian letters that can be armed. They are d, zh, p, i, sh. There
are three basic codes in Art (AxR=T) and Idea (IxD=E+A) for the

pictograms can be armed to contradict their sight and phonetic

All humans are spectators to Art in the second
dimension. We are only recording recepticles for energy’s knowledge
for the build procedure.

Alphabet = Alpha + Beta without the
(A) who did that? Who titled us off as the human ‘race’, who put
us in a race and for what purpose are we racing?

Names: the
ground level, the seperations in a relationship to nature a housing
structure of disease-culture (human beings). The function of a name
and the word itself is correct in its formation on a conscious
build-up procedure to cover a territory, to conceal militarily from
territories the self-identities on ideas whether it be
electromagnetic knowledge, houses, reworkable sculpture structures,
land or universes. Therefore militarily sould formations and this
pamphlet. 5 letters in Greek can be armed, these formations are the
THETA, SIGMA, UPSILON, PHI, PSI. Any register that can’t be armed
belongs to diseased culture structure and is not a universal
structure symbol. No government owns land in this mathematical
formation (N x AM x E) =.

to these pages of symbolic structure breakdown. In short, (N)NEO
meaning. (A) pyramid, energy constructor house in its structure
formation. (M) is coded for mathematics structurally after a
biochemical structure to allow the structure to build upon itself if
the biochemical structure is at, a part of or can conceive genetic
construction to form the evolution of symbolic knowledge to
remanipulate this structure and its evolution. (E) is coded for the
evolution of structure of biochemical movement into idea. In
evolution’s case all function formations must apply to the name –
the name must apply to the idea – the idea must apply to the word
formation – the word formation must apply to the sound formation. If
not the strategy formation must be changed.

Z with horizontal
lines (2 IBILES) shows intersections and interceptions of energy
through symbols.

Infinity or Van Allen Belt or Mobius Strip. Equation for
implosion/explosion. Foci becomes void abstract to idea and
2. X = Christian symbol.
Origin, Planet, Foci.
C cipher belt.
Reversed C cipher belt.

download link (odt file) — ionic treatise gothic futurism – the ramm-ell-zee.odt 

download link (html file) — ionic treatise gothic futurism – the ramm-ell-zee.html

ulteriori informazioni sull’argomento:

Gothic Futurism (sito ufficiale di The Ramm-Σll-ZΣΣ) —

LetteralMente – Grafie ad alto volume

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Grafie ad alto volume

opere di Federico Tomoz Bandini 

con il patrocinio del Comune di Ravenna

Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili 

dal 5 al 20 settembre sala espositiva di Palazzo Rasponi in via D’Azeglio 2, Ravenna 

orario mattutino: da lunedì a venerdì 8.30 – 13.00  

orario pomeridiano: martedì, giovedì, sabato e domenica 14.00 – 18.00 

inaugurazione sabato 12 settembre ore 17.00

rinfresco e dj set

Associazione Romagna in Fiore — 

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Eron at Chelsea Art Museum New York

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Davide "Eron" Salvadei was born in Rimini, Italy in 1973 to french mother and italian father.
He attended the Art Institute in Urbino and Riccone.
In 1988 he began to practice street writing and spray painting.
Elected best italian street artist in 1994.
His artistic research is currently focused on portraits and landscapes realized with spray cans on
mixing child drawing, realism, expressionism and writing withing the
same art work, obtaining an unusual aesthetic impact. The subjects oh
his works often express thoughts on social themes and on the act of
drawing as an innate instinct of the human being to comunicate.

Davide "Eron" Salvadei è nato a Rimini, nel 1973 da madre francese e padre italiano.
Ha studiato allIstituto dArte di Urbino poi a quello di Riccione.
Nel 1988 inizia a praticare lo street-writing e la spray painting.
Viene eletto miglior street artist italiano nel 1994 da AL magazine.
sua ricerca attuale si basa sulla creazione di ritratti e paesaggi,
dipinti a spray su tela, miscelando disegno infantile, realismo,
espressionismo e scrittura all’interno della stessa opera, ottenendo un
impatto estetico insolito.
I soggetti delle sue opere esprimono
spesso riflessioni su temi sociali e sul disegnare come istinto innato
dell’essere umano per comunicare.

Eron "artwork in progress" videos:

ded 2: Eron e BoordL crew, Space One, Tomoz e Romagna’n’fiore crew, Wave e Edua (WC crew), Gruff, Deda, Tay, Looperatoritaliani, Da Ninjaz, Bue, Lune, Jado, Rais, Stylo Swan, Fone, Olè crew, ADR crew, RBC crew, DXA crew (USA), Agent, Headz, PST crew, PL crew, soundz333 crew…