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E-mu Sp-1200. back from the lab

June 12th, 2011

Yesterday i’ve received back via mail the SP-1200 from the lab in Loreto. The run/stop button was broken and it takes a while for the fixing of the part because the switch came from USA. So i’ve got to wait circa 4 months before the machine get repaired.

I’m loading samples from my floppy disks and the machine is running very well.

Days ago i discovered in the sp-1200 forums the existence of a floppy emulator that can read a CF card. The limitation of sample time and number of notes in one song/segment/pattern doesn’t change: only 10 seconds of sampling time divided in four memory chips (max 2,5 seconds per sample). But it can be useful because floppy disks are a bit hard to found in the stores today.

The sound is crazy, fat like hell. I was diggin’ for some glitch noises and founded one big drone (ground loop? i don’t know) in a sample. I added some vinyl samples and drums to make a beat…

GRAP LUVA – 7 Minutes of Sound – SP1200 Beats – Damu The Fudgemunk & Redefinition Records

Grap Luva (formerly of INI) stops by Damu The Fudgemunk’s studio to play some SP1200 Beats and talks about the making of Pete Rock’s “Half Man, Half Amazing.”


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