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Dr. Octagonecologyst

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L’lp di Kool Keith Dr. Octagonecologyst è sicuramente uno dei più importanti album rap degli ultimi 20 anni. Prodotto magistralmente da Dan Nakamura a.k.a. The Automator l’album ospita vari personaggi eminenti della scena hip hop: Sir Menelik, KutMasta Kurt, DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow.

Il personaggio di Dr. Octagon viene descritto come un chirurgo ginecologo omicida alieno viaggiatore del tempo; ha occhi gialli, pelle verde, capelli rosa e bianchi con pettinatura afro.

La copertina originale dell’album è stata realizzata da Brian “Pushead” Schroeder.

album info

Dr. Octagon info —

lyrics —

La ristampa inglese Mowax contiene dei brani in più rispetto alla stampa originale americana.

Dr. Octagonecologyst (Mowax reissue) download link [63.15 mb] —!download|213l33|81727690|Dr._Octagon_-_Dr._Octagonecologyst_ASM.rar|63147|R~0|0|0

copertina della ristampa inglese Mowax

DOOM lecture Madrid 2011

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Hip hop’s last enigma sits down on the Academy couch to break down the message behind the mask, rap beef behind his different personas, and why good things come to those who wait.

DOOM website —

thanks to the MPC forums friends for posting this vimeo link

I got blisters on my fingers!!! rap, rock, soul, jazz (?) and more…

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new mixtape made with my new diggs

click on the link to go to the mixcloud page and listen to the cloudcast
clicca sul link qui sopra per andare alla pagina del cloudcast e ascoltare il mix

vinyl records ONLY
mp3 128 kbps stereo
compiled by THX

artwork by MAHALABALLANA a.k.a. Michele Ballini


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One of the foremost innovators of Skratching, (and the creator of the word “Turntablist”) DJ DISK not only remains one of the most technically impressive DJ’s in the world today, he has also single-handedly expanded the musical sensibility of Skratching, allowing for a instrument that was traditionally relegated to the background of Hip Hop, to be re-considered as a powerful and modern tool of musical expression. If Jazz has its Miles Davis, then Hip Hop has its DJ DISK.

Born in San Francisco in the 1970’s DJ DISK first discovered the idea of Turntableism by manipulating an old wooden turntable consul in his parents living room. DISK continued his exploration with his “instrument” and by the age of 11 was competing in SF DJ Battles and was considered a rising star throughout the then rapidly rising underground San Francisco Hip Hop scene.

But it was not until the early 90’s when DISK, pared with other embryonic turntable greats like DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike and Flare, formed one of the most important and influential Turntable “Groups” in the history of the genre: THE INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ. Lead by DISK (and colored by his insistence for musical innovation) the PIKLZ wild and frenetic exploration of hardcore Hip Hop would eventually set the bar for all other aspiring Turntable musicians. This “band” of Turntablist’s crafted their own unique D.I.Y sensibility and aesthetic (creating their own raw radio and TV show) and eventually became synonymous with all cutting edge Hip Hop performance and production. It’s widely known in Skratch circles that the Disco Mix Club (DMC), an international DJ association, asked the PIKLZ’s to stop entering in their DJ competitions, since they were discouraging other DJs from even bothering to enter. Disk would also create a master piece called ‘ DEMOLITION PUMKIN SQEEZE MUSIK for Qbert to make it one of the greatest mix tape of all time ”

After leaving the PIKLZ in 98 Disk hungered for new associations that would further stretch his musical abilities. Disk first started his successful solo career by releasing two classic albums of “Turntablist” expression, releasing albums under the EL STEW (1999) and PHONOSYCOGRAPH (1998) monikers. Disk then extensively toured with famed Producer Bill Laswell, playing alongside some of the worlds most respected Indian musicians (Zakir Hussain, Ulstad Sultan Khan) in Laswell’s famed TABLA BEAT SCIENCE, exposing his Turntabist genere to cultures in India, Dubai, Lebannon, China Russia and many others. Disk also toured worldwide with famed Jazz great HERBIE HANCOCK, improvising wildly against the Jazz masters piano textures to create a new space yet unheard in contemporary Jazz.

DISK has been involved in over 100 released recorded works and has continued to tour extensively with a wide range of musicians, representing a myriad of genres (Primus, Serge – System Of A Down, Wayne Shorter, Nora Jones, Mike name just a few) and has released over 30 live DVD’s of his work, creating a fan base of devoted and dedicated followers. His rare Break Beat EP’s are still considered some of the great templates for young DJ’s to practice their craft on and are treasured by the underground Hip Hop community.

In 2006 ” long over due said GRANDMIXER DXT ” DISK was knighted as the 3rd GRANDMASTER in HIP HOP history next to QBERT and ROC RAIDER ” DISK has recently completed filming on “Sympathy For Delicious” a major motion picture with ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE MARK RUFFALO and is currently working on his latest recorded project (over 5 years in the making) entitled “PATU”.

“He’s the Jimmy Hendrix of the turntable” – Les Claypool – Primus



03 belly flop beats
Beat from Marsupials Belly Flop Breaks , scarecrow music 2009

the gas face

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The Gas Face is a song by 3rd Bass featuring Zev Love X


[MC Serch]
Aiyyo man, my labelmate Don Newkirk
Man step to him

[Don Newkirk]
Thanks Serch!
And now… for the Prime Minister
Sinister.. Pete.. N-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hice!
Nice Nice Nice

[MC Serch]
Kick em in the grill Pete!

[Verse One: Pete Nice]

Gas, past tense, made facially
3rd Bass’ll express, KMD
Three blind mice on sight
Zev Lover, gave it the first light
A grin shows a trick up a sleeve (HUAHAH)
What a tangled web they weave
Deceivers, stupefied through fable
say Let’s Make a Deal at the dinner table
Put you on tour, put your record on wax (“Trust me!”)
Sign your life on the X
You eXit, X-off, but what you really get:
A box of Newports, and Puma sweats (“Damn!”)
Tex feeds and frowns upon Emus
To give up Gas Face he drinks from a Thermos
Sub Roc cut at you with a clipper
Gas Face given, I beg to differ

[MC Serch]
Pete that was real def man but I gotta get serious now
Aiyyo Don, step to em again

[Don Newkirk]
Everybody.. MC Serch!

[Verse Two: MC Serch]

Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black
Musta been a white guy who started all that
(Make the Gas Face!) For those little white lies
My expression to the mountainous blue eyes
Then form a face, and shake my skull cap
Dismiss the myth, that evil is not black
but opposite spectrum, this done by red man
with horns on his head, laid down the ill plan
Got all his helpers, said, “Make it snappy!
Tell all the people that their hair can’t be nappy!”
Blonde and blue-eyed, or dark-skinned half a G
A disease, created by leprosy
Don’t speak of bleach, bend them to right
Say, “It was night WAY before the light”
Put aside spooks, Serch leaves a trace
I’ve set em correct with the effect of the Gas Face

[MC Serch]
Next up Don

[Don Newkirk]
A SPECIAL appearance by KMD’s.. Zev, Love, ehhXssss!

[Verse Three: Zev Love X]

A Gas Face, can either be a smile or a smirk
When appears, a monkey wrench to work one’s clockwork
Perkin his brim to the rim of my cup
Don’t tempt me, you’re empty, so fill’er up!
Is I’m talkin coffee or cocoa, is you loco?
Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco
KMD and 3rd Bass is just ace in the hole
I mean soul, so make the Gas Face (HUAHAHA)
Damn, if looks could kill
You look like host was a ghost from your grill
But still, what’s the new fed, to recollect
to our passing phase to facades to Eddie Decker
for my label reads Hood, street might have a tattoo
Don’t pick any card or no rabbit from my hat
Never a magician if I ever tricked em
“Oh shit!” Another Gas Face victim

[MC Serch]
There it is, yo fellas man
Why don’t you step to the mic man?

[Zev Love X]
That’s how I kicks it, for 80-deca

[MC Serch]
Aiyyo, good lookin out Don man peace
Punji, yo who gets the Gas Face?

[Punji] Little Vic for the Gas Face
[Serch] Tony Dick, gets the Gas Face
[Zev X] No Gas Faces for Plugs One Two and Three
[Serch] No Gas Face for Professor Prince Pa-paul!
[?] My friend Tina gets the big Gas Face
[Zev X] No Gas Face for DJ Subroc
[Serch] No Gas Face for KMD
[PNice] Hammer, shut the fuck up! Gas Face! AHUAHAUAH!
[PNice] What do we think about Hammer? HAOWAHWOHAHBHABHAHBHAHBBHB
[?] G.Y.P.
[Serch] Get Yours Posse does not get the Gas Face
[Serch] But P. W. Botha gets a Gas Face
[?] Dante Ross gets the Gas Face
[Serch] Yo stop dissin Dante on records y’all!
[Serch] Elroy.. Elroy.. Elroy Cohen, gets the Gas Face!
HAHAhahahahahaha, that’s all..

Hip Hop versus Rap

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The b-side of Sound of da Police 12″ by KRS-One was the song “Hip Hop VS. Rap”


Of course we have just accepted all applications
And tuition will be paid on Friday

You you can’t can’t be be ripping the mic the mic
Like do re me me measles are contagious
Like my lyrical pages ripping and flipping the mic
From back in the back in the days the days
It’s kinda hectic, hectic when these suckas
Don’t respect it check it, flame on
I know the light is bright but keep on watching me
I’m stolen property, kicking the flavor to society
Police be clocking me, but logically they got to be
‘Cause they were taught that serious poetry
Would come from Socrates
But that ain’t it, in 94 I’ll kick the hit
And if I was in front of Shakespeare
Battle a punk and take his shit, I’m not having it
Bust a narrative and come to get with it
Rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live
The difference is kids nowadays, they got the videos
Rappers don’t need skills to build so they don’t really know.
Hear me yo, I’m four times on Arsenio
Got ten videos, but does that help me flow?
No That’s why when I come to the show
MC’s act like they don’t know
‘Cause they were too young to rock up in the disco
Frisco disco, the disc is like a Nabisco
Chocolate chip cookie, don’t fuck with me rookie
I’m rocking beats and with death defying feats
And I’m never sneaking, always peeping when I’m speaking
Inside, I’m keeping a statement for police and I’m down for peace
and but not turn the other cheek
And so this DJ, he gets down mixing records
While they go ’round and ’round, ’round we go
Two years ago a friend of mine and Flash is gonna rock your mind
Welcome to the terror dome, the terror dome
I wonder if I take you home
E F F E C T a cool operator
Operating correctly but back in the day I knew rap would never die
Too late baby bwai bai in a body boy head, head
Head insane in the membrane take the train, take the train
M E T H O D man ‘hattan keeps on making it
Brooklyn keeps on taking it
We keep coming back with more and more hits
Party people, I came through the door, I said it before
Two years ago, super hoe if my train goes off the track
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up back, back
Back to the grill again, the grill again friends
How many MC’s must get dissed?
Before somebody says don’t fuck with Chris
Hey, ho, keep on moving don’t stop no body beats the biz
Let’s do the dance called the Pee Wee Herman
Hey, Erick Sermon, hey, you you get off my cloud
Go down baby, go down baby, the gods must be crazy
You ain’t fresh, you ain’t fresh, yeeeeeeeeeeeah

12″ cover art

Temple of Hip Hop —

fight the power

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song info —

The Isley Brothers
Fight The Power Lyrics

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be
Got so many forces
Stayin’ on the scene
Givin’ up all around me
Faces full a’ pain
I can’t play my music
They say my music’s too loud
I kept talkin about it
I got the big run around
When I rolled with the punches
I got knocked on the ground
With all this bullshit going down

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be
I don’t understand it
People wanna see, ya
Those that got the answers
Red tape in the way
I could take you in easy
That’s just half the fun, oh boy
Seeking satisfaction
Keeps me on the run
I can’t play my music
They say my music’s too loud
I kept talkin about it
I got the big run around
When I rolled with the punches
I got knocked on the ground
With all this bullshit going down
Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be

If you & I can – we got the power
Fight it, got the power fight it……, baby
Fight it, fight the power


Public Enemy bonus videos

Fight The Power

Don’t Believe The Hype

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

De La Soul a Bologna. TPO – 7 dic 2011

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la leggendaria crew De La Soul approda in Italia per uno show al TPO di Bologna, grandi innovatori della scena rap newyorkese (formatisi a Long Island) degli anni fine ’80, i De La Soul continuano a produrre ottimi dischi e rimangono uno dei gruppi più importanti e influenti della storia del rap.

Via Casarini 17/5 -Bologna

7 Dicembre 2011

OPEN h. 21.30 dalla stazione bus 35 – 18 – 86 – navetta

De La Soul “3 feet high and rising” LP download link (FLAC) —

Whaz that buzz? A hardcore rap mix

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click on the link (or on the image) to visit the mixcloud page and listen to the mix (mp3 file 320 kbps stereo)


Dr. Octagon,  Black Sheep, Paris, Jeru The Damaja, Method Man & Redman, Wu Tang Clan, Brand Nubian, Main Source, EPMD, Erick Sermon… and others.

Made with REAL vinyl records – NO serato, traktor, time code etcetera… (nothing personal folks!)