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WC rap mix

January 6th, 2011 1 comment

WC rap mix -5 jan 2011- (mp3 stereo 320 kbps)
mixed by THX using only vinyl records
total running time: 35 min 07 sec

download mp3


1. Dimlite & Ill Dubio “Searching it”
2. Dr. Octagon “Wild And Crazy”
3. Time Zone “World Destruction”
4. 3rd Bass “3rd Bass Theme a.k.a. Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood”
5. Stetsasonic “Talkin’ All That Jazz” (Dominoes Vocal)
6. DST “Rock The House In Japan” (Di-Version)
7. DJ Afghan meets Gopher “Mangia La Mia Polvere”
8. Pete Rock “Da Two” (featuring C.L. Smooth)
9. Spoonie G “The Godfather” (remix)
10. Malcolm McLaren “Hobo Scratch”
11. Ghostface Killah “Gasoline Remix” (featuring Lil’ Mike)
12. In Search Of The Essence “Cuavo”
13. Evil E “What About Sex?”
14. Ice-T “Fly By”
15. Ice-T “Fried Chicken”
16. Eric B. & Rakin “Microphone Fiend”
17. Original Concept “Can U Feel It?”
18. Alien Army “X-clusive Alienappella”

“Urban Simphonies” LP (various artists)

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the Amon Tobin mixxx

October 28th, 2010 Comments off

THX’s soundtracks mix #3: from 70s to 2000

November 29th, 2009 1 comment

THX’s soundtracks mix #3: from 70s to 2000 -mono-

[SND] thx soundtracks mix 3 26nov09.mp3 26-Nov-2009 18:06 101M


1)  Bernard Hermann “A Suite For Strings” dall’lp “The Beastie Collection” – “Psycho” di A. Hitchcock
2)  Carnevale a Rio: “Nega Sem Sandalia” (J. Castro) dall’lp “Orfeu Negro” – “Orfeu Negro” di M. Camus
3)  Johnny Pate “Bucktown Theme” dall’lp “Hip Hop Essentials: Movie FX -Baadasssss Breaks-” – “Bucktown” di A. Marks
4)  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “I Put A Spell On You” dall’lp “The Kings Of Hip Hop. Part A” – “Stranger Than Paradise” di J. Jarmush
5)  The Meters “Cissy Strut” dall’lp “Let’s Party With The Meters” – “Jackie Brown” di Q. Tarantino
6)  Kool & The Gang “Open Sesame” dall’lp “Jazzy Jeff In The House” – “Saturday Night Fever” di J. Badham
7)  Rammellzee versus K-Rob “Beat Bop” dal 12″ “Beat Bop” – “Style Wars” di T. Silver e H. Chalfant
8)  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five “The Message” dall’lp “The Message” – “Style Wars” di T. Silver e H. Chalfant
9)  Cold Crush Brothers “Cold Crush Bros. At The Dixie” dall’lp “Wild Style” – “Wild Style” di C. Ahearn
10) Ice-T “Colors” dall’lp “Colors” – “Colors” di D. Hopper
11) L.L. Cool J “Going Back To Cali”dall’lp “Less Than Zero” – “Less Than Zero” di M. Kanievska
12) Public Enemy “Cold Lampin With Flavor” dall’lp “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” – “Ghost Dog” di J. Jarmush
13) Public Enemy “Fight The Power” dall’lp “Fear Of A Black Planet” – “Do The Right Thing” di S. Lee
14) Ice-T “New Jack Hustler” dall’ lp “Original Gangster” – “New Jack City” di M. Van Peebles
15) Cypress Hill “Boom Biddy Bye Bye” dall’lp “Cypress Hill III (Temples Of Boom)” – “The Addiction” di A. Ferrara
16) Wu Tang Clan “Fast Shadow” dall’lp “Ghost Dog” – “Ghost Dog” di J. Jarmush
17) DJ Qbert “Inner Space Dental Commander” dall’lp “Wave Twisters” – “DJ Qbert’s Wave Twisters” di S. Garon e E. Henry
18) John Swihart “Here’s Rico” dall’lp “Napoleon Dynamite Liger Breaks” – “Napoleon Dynamite” di J. Hess
19) Boba Fettucini “Emperial Entanglements” dall’lp “Jawa Breaks” – “The Empire Strikes Back” di G. Lucas
20) Boba Fettucini “Why Am Listening To This?” dall’lp “Carlito’s Way Brigante Breaks” – “Carlito’s Way” di B. De Palma

#) autore “titolo brano” “lp” – “titolo film” regista

Buon ascolto!

particolare dell copertina dell’lp “Kingdom Blow” di Kurtis Blow

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THX Old Skool Mixtape 30 sett 2008 mp3

October 1st, 2008 Comments off

Main ingredients:
Grandmaster Flash
& The Furious Five, Grandmaster Caz & The Cold Crush Brothers, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, Ramm:Ell:Zee & Shock Dell, Spoonie G, Davey D, Universal 2, Fab Five Freddy, and other people from NYC 70s and 80s decades…

This mixtape was made with vinyl records; mixed by THX 1138 at home (9-30-2008)

Dedicated to the Pioneers of Hip Hop Culture

[SND] thx old skool mix 30..> 01-Oct-2008 00:23   64M

painting: “Raijin the God Of Thunder

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THX funk soul mix sept 2008 mp3

September 15th, 2008 Comments off

dedicato a…

Isaac Hayes / Buddy Miles / James Brown / Wilson Pickett / Jimi Hendrix…

Rest In Peace (Riposa In Pace)

Questo mix è stato fatto con SOLI DISCHI FONOGRAFICI VINTAGE IN VINILE – NO MP3 / CD / etc… – da THX 1138 il 12 settembre 2008

clicca sul link qua sotto per scaricare il mix – click on the link to download the file

[SND] thx funk soul mix se..> 16-Sep-2008 07:12   40M
George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic performing at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas, May 4, 2006.

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic performing at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas, May 4, 2006.


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Wild Jackalope Mix

September 11th, 2008 Comments off

Wild Jackalope Mix
Ded 2 WJ Meatball (THANX for the music!)

01. Wilson Pickett – Funky Way
02. Ohio Players – Streaking Cheek To Cheek
03. Eric Burdon & War – Magic Mountain
04. Buddy Miles – Nichols Canyon Fuunk
05. Iceberg Slim – Mama Debt
06. Goblin – Death Dies
07. James Brown – The Twist
08. The Bar-Kays – Son Of Shaft
09. James Brown – Lowdown Popcorn
10. Isaac Hayes – Cafe Regio’s

Total time: 41′ 02″

scarica – download

This mix was made with ONLY vintage vinyls by THX 1138 with NO scratching

22.14 10/09/2008

WJ Meatball alla batteria durante le session di “Colonial Recordings” al vecchio CPA FI-Sud (viale Giannotti 79 – Firenze)

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2006: Real Hip Hop Mix

July 5th, 2008 Comments off

2006: Real Hip Hop Mix – mixed by THX 1138 (2006)

Featuring: Beastie Boys, James Brown, The Jazz Crusaders, The J.B.’s, Afrika Bambaataa & UB40, Zulutronic, Nightmare On Wax, Bootsy Collins, Dudley Perkins, Public Enemy & Paris, Nas, Erick Sermon & Ice Cube, DJ Z-Trip, Grandmaster Caz, A-Trak, Pete Rock, Blastmaster K.R.S.-O.N.E., Alexander Dark Band, Grandmaster Roc Raida, Afrika Bambaataa, Showbiz & A.G., Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett, Mix Master Mike, Ice Cube & The Bomb Squad, Public Enemy, Professor Griff & The Last Asiatic Desciples.

[SND] 2006 thx mix.mp3        04-Jul-2008 18:04   49M
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The Underground Rap Mix (THX 1138 – 2006)

July 4th, 2008 Comments off

Pannello dipinto da Ninja

The Underground Rap Mix – mixed by THX 1138 (2006)

Featuring: MF Doom, Spank Rock, Method Man, Juggaknots, DJ Krush & Mos Def, Cut Chemist, De La Soul, Planet asia, Baron Zen, Lord Jamar, Madlib, Viktor Vaughan, Sir Menelik & Kool Keith, J Dilla

ded 2: Miccia, WJM, Gnapgirl, Sweet Sensation, Valeria, JD Zazie, Machisei, Wave, Jimmy, Mat, Craim, Miki, Ogino Knauss, Zino, Sec, OTK, Ken, Gao, Lisa, Eva, Tibe, Fede, Jordan, Meby, Sara, Frankie, Claudio el Mierda, and 2 all the kids!

[SND] underground mix.mp3     04-Jul-2008 17:24   25M
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THX’s True Skool Mix 2004

July 2nd, 2008 Comments off

old school handmade flyer for a Kool Herc party in 1973

THX’s True Skool Mix 2004 – a collection of hardcore rap from the ’80s and the ’90s (74’49”)
Minidisc recording: THX @ Borgunto, Fiesole (FI) summer 2004
MP3 encoding: THX

featuring: George Clinton, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, Schoolly D, The Fat Boys, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Booya T.R.I.B.E., Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy Five, Grandmaster Melle Mel & Duke Booty, Eric B & Rakim, Spoonie G, Kool Moe Dee, and others…

Un ringraziamento speciale a Wave per avermi prestato tutti gli LP che ho usato nel mix.

Your friendly neighborhood…
THX 1138

[SND] true skool mix.mp3      02-Jul-2008 14:41   69M
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Discogirotto mix

May 24th, 2008 Comments off

collage street art raccolto a Berlino nel 2006

Ded 2: Jimmy – Skuamo – Mat – WJM – JD Zazie – Jo – Ale – Psycho – Kate – Checca e Augusto – Eva – Gauossou – Roberto (R.I.P.) – Claudino – Bozen – Gigi Onazzipac – il Nicotì – Syd – Francesca – Angelo – Martina, Tetano e Demetrio – O’gino-Knauss – Ultracore – il Perso – il Vecchio – Pippino – Clara – Davidino – Mari – Silvietta – Busso – Sally – Ugo – Cristiano – Nancy Fancy & Valeria – Nucreo d’ì Monte Morello – Alessio Stuba – Niccolai Bungalow – ì’ Leo – Samantha – Daria – Mayada – Christian W. e Ilaria – Chiara Vampyra e Federico – Gaia, Bernardo e Alberto – Betta, Paolo, Camilla e Tommy – Elisa e Laura – Sara – Gianni – Vladi – Marcelus Wallace – Adamo – Jo La Face – Simona – Cristina – Aldo – Wave – Ernesto – Space – Appe – Master Crab – Crazy Pop – Led – Weis – Adam – Kareem – Tibe – Claudio El Gaucho – Run – Jado – Ken e Lisa – Daniela – Rais – Deks – Ribes – Ninja – Tullo Soulja – RBC – ADR – ATD – WC – JP – Arbus – O’gino Knauss – A.N.D. – Menti Criminali – Long Bridge All Stars – PL/FCE (Bologna) – DJ Gruff – Tayone – Rajstah & Stroboman – E-N.E.E.M. – Burp – Spiral Tribe – Mutoid Waste Company – Okupe – Total Resistence – Facom – Anarko Tanks – Gio – Gabri – Busso – Pippo – Duccio – Giguywassa – Valentina – Valeria F. – Meby e Sara – Ash – Dome La Muerte & the Diggers – Aquila – Fase Quattro – Frankie Frankie – Claudio – Federico F. – Gigi S. – Natalia B. – Andrea B. – Dana e Antonio – Noa – Orlando e Mauro – DJ Craim – Giordano e Viviana – Aria – Cristina – Vortex e Gaia – Zino e Sec – Chiara Sweet Sensation – Simone – Pise – Freddy – Luca G. – Lucille – Molly – Agent – Torped-One – Caravan – Alessio e Sara B. – Flask – Gaia B. e Peter K. – le Vagine Volanti – (and last but not least) tutte le ragazze e tutti i ragazzi del CPA Firenze Sud, dell’ Elettro +, del CSA nEXt Emerson, del CSA Indiano, del Bubu 7te, della Jungla, del K100 (Campi Bisenzio), della Riottosa, dell’ Asilo Occupato, del Luzzi, del Matticao, di Monte Uliveto, del Cecco Rivolta, di Villa Panico, del MAF, del Livello 57 (Bologna), della Fabbrica Dei Frutti Kanditi, del Macadam (Perugia) e di tutte le realtà antagoniste che ci hanno aiutato e sostenuto in questi ultimi anni


Il mix che potete scaricare in questa pagina è stato registrato su cassetta nel 1998, riversato su cd nel 1999 registrato in formato “wav” stereo 8 bit e rieditato in formato mp3 oggi. Jimmy, Skuamo ed io abbiamo registrato il mix un pomeriggio al vecchio cinema Longinottik all’interno dell’ormai scomparso CPA Firenze Sud in viale Giannotti 79. Abbiamo usato 2 cd player gemini e 2 technics SL-1210 mk2. Il missaggio è brutale, grezzo. Il suono è spesso distorto e non esiste un filo conduttore, ma a me personalmente questo mix piace ancora. Buon ascolto!

Featuring: Run-DMC – Dead Kennedys – Gil Scott-Heron – Herbie Hancock & DST – Throbbing Gristle – Reservoir Dogs soundtrack – Islamic Diggers – Ricci & Sanna – altre tracce non identificate

[SND] discogirotto mix 4-3..> 24-May-2008 14:35  9.1M
Your friendly neighborhood... THX 1138
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