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the official SP-1200 book

February 23rd, 2011 Comments off

out now

info here:


Welcome on the official website for “SP1200 – the art and the science”,
the unique and official book about SP1200 legacy sampler !

Dave Rossum, from E-Mu Systems Inc:

In the chapters to come, PBODY will guide you through the world of the SP1200, its history, its underlying technology, and both conventional and unconventional techniques for making music with it. I am personally honored to have played a key role in creating such a time-honored instrument, and I must confess how delightful it has been to have a chance to pour over the schematics again and recall the whole design experience. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I and the whole E-mu gang did in producing the SP1200. Enjoy! –

Format: Square book 20x20cm

120 pages, full colour, classy SP spirit design

Language: English (French version soon)

Table of content:

  1. Preface by Dave Rossum – E-Mu engineer leading SP12 & SP1200 projects by the past
  2. All about 12 bits
  3. SP1200, a history of sampling
  4. Cook & tricks
  5. Custom & repairs
  6. Music & Discographies
  7. Virtualized & hacked SP1200
  8. Mix out

Price (France): 29.95 € – (Elsewhere): depends on reseller (, Fifth Element Rec.)

Released: 15 february 2011

ISBN 978-2-9535410-0-7

Authorization & full proof reading by E-Mu Systems Inc., San Jose, USA.

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